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    Understanding planetary security: a post-humanist paradigm in approaching energy security and climate crisis
    (Social Sciences Institute, 2020-07-13) Aktan, Özgenur ; Çalkıvik, Emine Aslı ; 629559 ; Department of Political Studies
    This study aims to problematize the linkage between energy and security in the context of climate crisis. This study provides a brief history of energy alterations through a comparative analysis of pre-industrial and industrial times and then, investigates the position and referent objects of the concept of energy security in International Relations paradigms. This study examines both traditional and contemporary approaches to the concept of energy security within the scope of realist, liberal and environmental security paradigms. This study asserts that neither traditional approaches in terms of national security, military security and economic growth nor contemporary approaches in terms of environmental security and human security can be effective in providing integrated and universal referent paradigm for the concept of energy security. Therefore, this study proposes the concept of planetary security as an alternative referent paradigm for the relationship between energy security and climate crisis. The main idea is that the concept of planetary security can provide integrated and universal framework for energy security policies. The concept of planetary security can provide normative and conceptual clarifications for energy security policies. Securitization of the planet can encourage a critical re-evaluation for the referent positions of nation states and human beings in the context of energy security.
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    Theory Of Covert Action
    (Institute of Social Sciences, 2019) Tezcanlar, Arda Mehmet ; Kandiyalı, Jan ; 548221 ; Political Studies ; Siyaset Çalışmaları
    Uluslararası ilişkiler yazınında örtülü eylem, icra makamının bir dış siyaseti ya da dolaylı bir müdahale siyaseti olarak nitelenmektedir. Bu nedenle örtülü eylem üzerindeki tartışmalar eylemin meşruluğu üzerinde yoğunlaşmaktadır. Bu da örtülü eylemin tanımını belirsizleştirmektedir. Bu tez örtülü eylem için analitik bir çerçeve sunmayı amaçlamaktadır. Örtülü eylem çevreyi ve rakip tarafı değiştirmek amacıyla siyasal şiddetin uygulanmasıdır. Devletin tahakküm aygıtları içinde kompartmante edilir. Uluslararası sistemin özellikleri tarafından uzatmalı çatışma içinde devlet davranışı olarak zorunluluktur. ANAHTAR KELİMELER: Örtülü Eylem, Siyasal Şiddet, Uzatmalı Çatışma, Göreceli Üstünlük
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    What Justifies Civil Disobedience?
    (Institute of Social Sciences, 2019) Kuru, Ahmet Bilal ; Koçan, Gürcan ; 570769 ; Political Studies ; Siyaset Çalışmaları
    Thesis aims to show that civil disobedience should be justifiable. More precisely, civil disobedience should be justifiable, because it can be illegal, but also can be morally right and just. Paper is divided into five chapters. Civil disobedience is continuously changing and contested concept, so first chapter analyzes the various conceptualization of the concept. At the analyze of various conceptualization, five main axis's and eleven constituents comes into prominence. Thinkers which is analyzed at third chapter argues that it would be immoral to disobey the laws, morality requires obedience to laws. In contrast to this view at the fourth chapter paper analyzes the justifications of civil disobedience.
  • Öge
    In Defense Of Utopian Thought
    (Institute of Social Sciences, 2019) Çetinkaya, Dilek Zehra ; Kandiyalı, Jan ; 571074 ; Political Studies ; Siyaset Çalışmaları
    This thesis aims to define the place and function of utopian thought in political theory and try to answer the question of whether working on utopia in political theory has a value or not. The usual attacks on utopian ideology focus on the "impracticable" or "preposterous" character of any particular vision being advocated. However, utopia is a state that is not intended to be realized; it is a goal, an abstract target. The main purpose is to address the idea that utopia is a theoretical necessity, that political philosophy cannot proceed without it and that utopia enriches our political lives. Utopian thought is a necessary warning for any society to progress and; progress is the realization of the utopia. My arguments to defend utopia will be built around four elements that are social criticism, hope, guidance and its complementary work for the non-utopian theories.
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    A Comparative Analysis Of Tripartite Political Psychology In Plato And Freud
    (Institute of Social Sciences, 2019) Küçükseymen, Zeynep Cansu ; Bove, Geoff ; 556082 ; Political Studies ; Siyaset Çalışmaları
    This thesis examines the political psychologies of Plato and Freud in terms of their similarities and dissimilarities, and argues that there are both advantages and limitations of doing political theory using psychological analysis. The first chapter explains the aim of this thesis, which is to compare the tripartite political psychologies in Plato's Republic and Freud's Civilization and its Discontents. The second chapter gives a detailed account of the city and the soul in the Republic focusing on Books II-IV and offering a review of different interpretations of the parts of the mind and city-soul analogy. The third chapter starts with clarifications of several important concepts in Psychoanalysis before moving on to a thorough explanation of Civilization and its Discontents and a review of different interpretations of the topics discussed. The fourth chapter examines similarities and dissimilarities of the tripartition of the mental life and analogies between the individual mind and society in both accounts. It addresses several points of contribution of psychoanalytic concepts to understanding the mechanisms of self-knowledge that can resume a Platonic approach to developing a strong virtuous and happy life. The last chapter discusses the limitations and advantages of basing political analysis on psychological investigation.