Differential flatness-based fuzzy controller design for aggressive maneuvering of quadcopters

Güzay, Çağrı
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Graduate School
This study presents a new differential flatness-based single input fuzzy logic controller structure for aggressive maneuvering control alongside its real-world application on a nano quadcopter. We propose both type-1 and interval type-2 single input fuzzy logic controllers as the primary controllers in the flight control system, which are built on the concept of differential flatness. Today, quadcopters are used for a wide variety of applications and purposes such as aerial photography, search and rescue operations, surveying and mapping, inspection, agriculture, and emergency response. Quadcopters are getting more and more well-liked in the commercial and consumer markets as a result of the rising demand for their usage areas. Additionally, the dimensions of quadcopters have significantly changed along with the rapid development in contemporary technology. As a result, we can discuss quadcopter types such as mini, micro, or nano. Nano quadcopters, the smallest ones, are lightweight, more portable, and easier to operate and maneuver with high agility since they are constructed with small-scale rotors and frames.
Thesis(Ph.D.) -- Istanbul Technical University, Graduate School, 2023
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aggressive maneuvering control, agresif manevra kontrolü, quadcopters, çok rotorlu hava araçları