İş Kazalarına Karşı İnşaat Sektörünün Tutumunu Saptamaya Yönelik Bir Alan Çalışması

Tatlıcı, Serkan
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In order to determine the field study subject matter the present situation of the construction sites has been examined. This has been in accordance with the importance of accidents at work experienced at construction sites, the inquiry on the safety measures needed to be taken against accidents at work and on the organisation of construction sites In order to determine the content of the thesis, relevant research has been conducted. After examining the local and the foreign resources, the parameters of the assignment have been made clear. Apart from the local and the foreign resources, necessary research has also been done in to the government agencies and state establishments associated with the subject. The possibility of campaigning for the safety measures needed to be taken at the construction sites between Turkey and other countries has been provided with their assistance. The previously prepared masters and doctorate studies on the accidents occurring at construction sites have been examined. The questionnaire method has not been previously applied so this method was subsequently adopted. In order to obtain more data, it was decided that face to face interview method should be used on the site supervisors. The site supervisors of 57 different construction sites have taken part in this survey by taking into account the site supervisors answers, the present-day situation of the sites is revealed. XI As well as the questions appearing in the field survey, the duties of the entire workforce, from the administration of the sites to their labourers are taken into consideration; the safety measures needed to be taken on construction sites, rules concerning the organisation of the site, the edueation of the workers, control and ali other related units. Apart from the questionnaire results, comparisons have been made between Turkey and other countries in the field survey. Through this information regarding Turkey"s portion relative to other countries is being gathered. Statistics were obtained from the Social Security Institution solely relating to insured employees and the necessary comparisons have been made. Included in this study are explanations of the safety measures needed to prevent accidents at work on the construction sites. This is as a result of the nature of the previously explained work and the size of the activities arranged in this field ör activities advised to be arranged. Based on these observations, very important data on the construction sites aeüve in Turkey have been collected. Through this the field survey served its purpose m öre precisely. in the fırst part of the thesis, explanations on the definitions of accidents at work, their classifications and losses resulting from accidents at work are made, and information is given. in this section, the purpose and field of the thesis are detailed along with the problems faced of why accidents at work occur in the construction sector and why they occur at our sites. in the seconci part of the thesis, data is given relating to the comparison of accidents occurring at work in Turkey and those of other countries as well as data relating to accidents in other relevant sectors. XII Information is then presented relating to the distribution of workers and accidents in the Turkish construction sector according to their characteristics between 1987-1994. The distribution is made on the basis of age group to the number of insured workers at the workplace, and the distribution of deaths classified as work accidents to occupational related diseases, as well as the distribution of deaths due to work accidents according to time and according to sex and age. In the third part of the thesis, explanations are given for reasons why accidents occur at work and the safety measures needed to be taken against them. The reasons why accident occur fall into two main groups; administration of reasons and reasons based on labour force. The safety measures needed to be taken to prevent the cause of accidents at work on construction sites in the building sector are also put forward. Namely safety precautions relating to the organisation of the construction site, safety precautions relating to equipment used on the sites and safety equipment used to protect the labour force. This section also concerns labourers on sites and the relationship between education and human factors in relation the decrease in the accident rate at work. With respect to human factors and education, explanations are given for increased productivity due to education and awareness and thus a decrease in the number of accidents at work as well as problems faced by construction sites due to loses through work accidents. XIII In this section of the thesis the necessary of insuring workers in order to reduce these loses and the advantages of being insured are also stated. In the fourth part of the thesis, findings determined from the supervisors answers of the 57 construction sites the field are done. General findings relating to the age and education of supervisors, types of sites, reasons given for accidents by these supervisors and the safety precautions needed to be arranged are also given in this section. When the safety measures of sample constructions sites are being examined, the teachings of the previous sections were used and so a more meaningful comparison was possible. Apart from this, the relation of the answers given regarding safety measures by the supervisors and the characteristics of the sites have been studied. The results of this have been presented in the field survey. The question of education and the human factor also lies in these findings. With regard to this the amount of attention paid by labourers to their site administration is also given. Explanations regarding education and the attention paid by labourers to their sites in relation to a decrease in losses through work accidents are also presented here. In the last part of the thesis, an evaluation of the findings obtained through the field survey of the 57 construction sites is given. In this section, XIV In the last part of the thesis, an evaluation of the findings obtained through the field survey of the 57 construction sites is given. In this section, the presentation of all of the safety measures to be taken against the accidents at work on the construction sites and of the results coming up in the field of accident at work takes place. The work ends with a proposition section related to safety measures needed to prevent work accidents occurring on sites in the construction sector and on the general rules necessary on such sites.
Tez (Yüksek Lisans) -- İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi, Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü, 1996
Thesis (M.Sc.) -- İstanbul Technical University, Institute of Science and Technology, 1996
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İnşaat sektörü, İş kazaları, Construction sector, Occupational accidents