Environmental life cycle assessment of zinc phosphating chemicals

Sezginer, Halide İlayda
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Institute of Science and Technology
The industrialization has gained importance with the rapidly increasing world population. Over time, productions have evolved from physical strength to machine power, and have diversified in terms of quality and quantity. With the need for more production, industrialization has started to be mentioned with the environmental problems that it causes. In the period from the industrial revolution to the present day, sustainability has become a subject that is closely followed by everyone, especially in the last period. Increasing social sensitivity has started to reveal the necessity of making necessary improvements in new projects or existing production systems with product life cycle analyses. The product lifecycle is a common method that provides to evaluate product or service the environmental impacts that each of the stages of raw material extraction, production, use, disposal, and all other stages have over the duration. The rapid disappearance of natural resources and the increase of environmental impacts arising from industry in nature caused the developed countries to increase their product life analysis studies and take necessary measures.
Thesis (M.Sc.) -- İstanbul Technical University, Institute of Science and Technology, 2020
Anahtar kelimeler
metal pretreatment chemicals, metal pretreatment chemical usage, zinc phosphating chemicals, environmental effects