Biohydrogen production from organic wastes using anaerobic membrane bioreactor

Hasanoğlu, Aysel
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Institute of Science and Technology
Fuel production from biomass, which is an important issue nowadays is an emerging process. Biomass is generally used as substrate, to produce fuels such as ethanol, biomethane, biodiesel. Anaerobic processing is a treatment way for industrial, food processing and agricultural originated waste/wastewaters. Methane, which is produced during anaerobic treatment have an economical value utilized as heat and electricity.The aim of the present study is to biohydrogen production from dinner hall wastes by using membrane modules. For that purpose, lab-scale anaerobic membrane bioreactors operated in thermophilic temperatures. Food wastes supplied from İTÜ dinner hole, grinded by using grinders.Four different operating conditions were tested during this study. Membrane bioreactor system initially operated using two complete mixing reactors sequentially with a total volume of 10L and PP MF membranes were installed in the second stage of the reactor. In the second operating period, second reactor was discarded and PP membranes were transferred to the first stage.
Thesis (M.Sc.) -- İstanbul Technical University, Institute of Science and Technology, 2012
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Anaerobik arıtma, Anaerobic treatment, Anaerobik reaktörler, Anaerobic reactors