Bolu-kıbrıscık Yöresi Halk Oyunları Ve Geleneksel Giysileri

Kesir, Sevim
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Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü
Institute of Social Sciences
Halk oyunları ve geleneksel giysileri konu alan bu tez, Bolu-Kıbrıscık ilçesi ile ilçeye bağlı olan Yazıca, Bölükcekkaya, Borucak, Belen, Beslen ve Kızık köylerinde yapılan araştırmalar sonucunda hazırlanmıştır. Kıbrısçık yöresinin tarihi ve coğrafî yapısı hak kında genel bilgiler birinci bölümü oluşturmuştur. Daha sonra yöre düğünlerinin içeriği konusunda bilgiler verilmiştir. Üçüncü bölümde, yöre halkı oyunlarının geleneksel yapısı incelenip, kadın ve erkek oyunları konusunda açıklamalar yapılmıştır. Konunun daha iyi anlatılabil- mesi için oyun görüntülerini içeren video kaset tez ile birlikte sunulmuştur. Geleneksel giysilerin incelendiği dördüncü bölümde ise yöre giysileri arasındaki benzerlik ve farklar anlatılarak fotoğraflarla ortaya konulmuştur. Yöre oyunlarının müzikal yapısı son bölümde verilmeye çalı şılmıştır.
Turkish folklore is a subject with a largest domain of the research in the social sciences. As a research er, our purpose is to giving the importance which is necessary by revealing the values of culture. The aim is that to enemies without any prejudices the values of culture which began to disappear with the general usage of the means of communication in village. This research is brought to light at the end of the study in detail of the subject. During the undergran- duate education I studied not only written documents also and resources about the region of Bolu Kıbrısçık where I had befun to be instructive. My interest about this subject was increased when 1 was aware of the lock of sufficient and exact research es, I was interested more because of the feeling to overcome, this situation. This research which is about the folk dances and traditional costumes is prepared at the end of the researches done in the villages of yazıcı, Bölükçekkaya, Borucak »Belen and Kızık which related to the town of Bolu Kıbrısçık and also done in the centre of town. In first part, general information, about the historical and geographical structure of the region of the Kıbrısçık, is given to help to present the subject more easily. The traditional wedding parties which were closely related to the subject are studied in the second part of research. In the third part the traditional structure of the dances of the region are analysed and the explanations about the dances of women and men are made. A video cassette, which include the scenes about the dances is presented as a means to explain this part more clearly. By the way, it was an attend to prove the theory that the style of the region of Kıbrısçık is different than that of the other cities the original structure of the regional dances is far from any destruction in thestructure. In the fourth part, where the traditional costumes are studied, the similarity and also the differences between the regional traditional costumes are explained and showed with photographes. Finally, musical structure of the regional dances are explained. In the costumes, as it was in dances, the similarities and the differences are determined. The population of this town discontented because of the spectacles under the titles of "group of Bolu", "folk dances of Bolu" although the non native figures and the costumes, from other regions, were existing. From this point view, it should be necessary to take into account the folk dances of three region as a region of Bolu-Kıbrıscık instead of folk dances of Bolu because folk dances of the city (Bolu) are differentiat ed in terms of character in the towns. With this research, it is aimed to show to instruc tors the necessity of analyzing the region where they study. The conclusions which were obtained at the end of the research can be summarized as: In the regional folk dances, the hip is not used turing the dances. As it was mentioned in the general definition of related paragraphs and parts. The move ments of pot-belly are used in dances. In dances of women the spoon is rnot used. The women dancers are giving the rhythm with their fingers. The dance of spoon of Ördek and Karaköy is origi nally a dance of men. The austerities instruments are the tambourine for women and flageolet (dilli kaval), and spoon, to give a rhythm, for men. The women' dances are never danced together with the men' dances. In the region the are some dances which were not compiled. The costume tree skirt, which is wearied as a regional costume by the folk dance groups who are out side of the region, does not exist as a regional cos tume, in any of the villages. Actually the differences between the villages of lower Divan and Upper Divan are disappearing. -The woman* dances are never danced together with the men' dances. -In the region the are some dances which were not compiled. -The costume tree skirt, which is wearied as a regional costume by the -Folk dance groups who are outside of the region, does not exist as a regional costume, in any o-f the villages. -Actually the differences between the villages of Lower Divan and Upper Divan are disappearing. In Kı-brıscık, folklor ic games are only played on special days, like wedding, engagement, etc., just -For -fun. In woman games there is a woman who sings melodies with lyrics and plays rhythms that are called" Külüklü " (Dömbek). The players. do not play the melodies those have lyrics. And man games are played with spoons. These spoons are used in places o-f reedy flageolet (Dilli- kaval) and rhythm. The number of players is not less than four or more than six. It's just in between. But the number of players has got no limit in the game called Cezayir which is a man game. The times of Kıbrısçık folkloric games melodies are generally determined 2/4,4/4, and 7/4. With the conscience of the danger of disappearance of folk dances and traditional costumes which were austerities, and also valuable in terms of ethnography it should be mentioned the neces sity of talking these dances and costumes into archives, because the real resources and references of this reearch were theser austerities and ethnographic values
Tez (Yüksek Lisans) -- İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi, Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü, 1994
Thesis (M.A.) -- İstanbul Technical University, Institute of Social Sciences, 1994
Anahtar kelimeler
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