Generalized multi-view data proliferator (gem-vip) for boosting classification

Çelik, Mustafa
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Multi-view network representation revealed multi-faced alterations of the brain as a complex interconnected system, particularly in mapping neurological disorders. Such rich data representation maps the relationship between different brain views which has the potential of boosting neurological diagnostic tasks. However, multi-view brain data is scarce and generally is collected in small sizes. Thus, such data type is broadly overlooked among researchers due to its relatively small size. Despite the existence of data proliferation techniques as a way to overcome data scarcity, to the best of our knowledge, multi-view data proliferation from a single sample has not been fully explored. Here, we propose to bridge this gap by proposing our GEneralized Multi-VIew data Proliferator (GEM-VIP), a framework aiming to proliferate synthetic multi-view brain samples from a single multi-view brain to boost multi-view brain data classification tasks. For the given Connectional Brain Template (i.e., represents an approximation of brain graphs that captures the unique connection shared by a population's subjects), we set out the proliferate synthetic multi-view brain graphs using the inverse of multi-variate normal distribution (MVND). However, one needs two crucial components, which are the mean an the covariance of a given population. As such, first, our proposed GEM-VIP framework obtains a population-representative tensor (i.e., drawn from the prior CBT) which can be mathematically regarded as a mean of the population. Second, drawing inspiration from the genetic algorithm paradigm our proposed GEM-VIP learns the covariance matrix of the population using the given CBT. Lastly, it proliferates synthetic samples using the earlier obtained representative tensor and created covariance matrix of the population on the MVND equation. We evaluate our GEM-VIP against several comparison methods. The results show that our framework boosts the multi-view brain data classification accuracy of AD/ lMCI and eMCI/ normal control (NC) datasets. In short, our GEM-VIP method boosts the diagnoses of the neurological disorders.
Thesis (M.Sc.) -- Istanbul Technical University, Graduate School, 2022
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Information organization, Bilgi organizasyonu, Data structures, Veri yapıları