The formation of neoliberalism in Turkey and the economic rise of conservative Islam: A crucial coalition in the 1980s

Üçoğlu, Murat
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Institute of Social Sciences
This thesis attempts to scrutinize the main reasons for the establishment of the coalition between conservative Muslim people and neoliberalism in Turkey in the 1980s. During the globalization process, the rapid and overwhelming change of the world influences almost all societies, thoughts and values. It can be said that conservative Islamism could not escape from this change and this ideology has integrated itself into the neoliberal globalization process. Therefore, the thesis aims to illustrate why and how Muslim people agreed to co-operate with neoliberal capitalism, since historically they were against the western style capitalism. In the final instance, the thesis tries to observe the key issues for the rise of this coalition with the help of Foucault?s and Althusser?s theories.
Anahtar kelimeler
12 September 1980 Period , Althusser, Louis , Economy , Economic policies ,Foucault, Michel , Movement of National Idea , Conservative Islam ,Neo-liberalism ,Political parties , Özal, Turgut, 12 Eylül 1980 Dönemi , Althusser, Louis ,Ekonomi , Ekonomi politikaları, Foucault, Michel , Milli Görüş Hareketi , Muhafazakar İslam , Neo-liberalizm, Siyasi partiler ,Özal, Turgut