Proceedings of IWAMISSE 2019 2 nd International Workshop on Advanced Materials and Innovative Systems in Structural Engineering: Novel Researches

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The International Federation for Structural Concrete, İTÜ
The workshop covers the topics of advanced materials and innovative systems in structural engineering with a focus on seismic practices as well as other issues related with steel fiber reinforced concrete, anchors/fasteners, precast structures, and recent advances on different types of structural systems such as reinforced concrete, steel, and reinforced masonry structures. This event which is organized for the second time will provide a platform for exploring the potential national and international cooperation schemes in terms of research and application on the areas covered within the scope of the workshop. A part of this workshop is devoted to papers presenting the initial outcomes of the TUBITAK-RCUK Project “Rapid Earthquake Risk Assessment and Post-Earthquake Disaster Management Framework for Substandard Buildings in Turkey” coordinated jointly by Istanbul Technical University and Sheffield University. This proceeding book contains twelve papers from five countries worldwide.
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Advanced materials, Innovative systems, Structural engineering