Ankara, Nallıhan, Osmanköy mermer yatağının yıllık 1000m3'lük üretim kapasitesine göre projelendirilmesi

Geniş, Murat
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Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü
Institute of Science and Technology
Ankara ili, Nallıhan ilçesi Gsmanköyü ' nün batısında yüzeylenen Estaş Mermer Sanayi Limited Şirketi'ne ait, paleozoik yaşlı mermer ocağı bu yüksek lisans tezine ko nu teşkil etmiştir. Kireçtaşı, dolomit veya dolomitik kireçtaşı gibi kar bonatlı kayaçların gömülme metamorf izmasma uğraması so nucu mermerler oluşmaktadır. Ticari anlamda mermer ise, blok verebilen, kesilip cilalandığında parlayan, dayanık lı ve güzel görünümlü her tür kayaç mermer olarak tanım lanmaktadır. Bu çalışmada özetle, mermerlerin sınıflandırılması, mermerlerde renk ve sertlik, mermerde doku ve yapılar tez konusu saha ile ilgili jeolojik incelemeler ile mer merin değerlendirilmesine yönelik madencilik teknikleri tartışılmıştır. Ocak yeri tesbiti, ocak açılması, el ve mekanik üre tim yöntemleri, stoklama ve nakliye işleri ele alınmış, sahanın mevcut şartlar altında 1000m3 üretime. göre proje lendirilmesi ve maliyet analizi yapılmıştır.
Mine producing and presenting it to human beings service takes place after certain processes. In addition to essense beds, coming the other production factors together is the matter of discussion. Therefore this production car be from both these technical and economi cal activities. In other words the mining sedtor carries out high risk, it is big area that needs big investment total. In addition to nowadays rapid increasing in technoligal possibilities and changing in echonomical conjecture for that reason rivalry circums tances have been differentiated. These causes make mining investment to improve in a short time. This can only be in project base. It's a matter of discussion in processes that the time from the idea of on investment project till its production. These processes for studying on mining have been summarized in figure 1 as a diagram. In a simple way the time in improving project can be said that before investment, investment and administ ration. As in other sectors, where the risk factor is high, in the mining sector too, it is necessary to approach on project base to use the sources in an optimum way and gain the natural sources. With this aim, preparation, evaluation and control of the projects are very signifi cant and of outmost importance for the planned develop ment of the cuntries. In order other words the mining sector carries out high risk, it is big area that needs big investment total. Searching in eanvinient Investment area Analyzing legai problems (licenceant etc) The studies on quality and quantity of essense investment Preparing project, economical, and technical and financial studies Project evaluation and deciding Preparing the application.plan and application Testing administration Production FIGURE 1. Time of Project Improvement XI As known basic motivation leading the entrepriser to invest is profit. While criteria in decision taking between the investment alternatives is the size of the profit. While profitability of the investment is in general the investment cost and the function of the revenue obtained from the investment. Naturally the entreprisers will seek the most suitable one between the investment alternatives. As in decision stage they will prefer the alterna tives which are less risky and profitables. For each. investment alternative, their possibility of making this choice is subject to their preparing a plan which has both economic and tehnical feasibility with fininc- ing sources well scrutinized. Plans prepared that way will be compaired with different and which confirms each other in economic, technical and financial aspects, and the most pertinet one will beselected. The diversitiy in formation of mineral ore-beds next to its complexity together with the rapid develop ments in science and technology does not permit the ready made solutions in the development of mining pro jects because systematic studies, because of the mineral are-bed geometry and risk of change in its properties. Uhen it is considered that in mining activitiez there are numerous parameters which are effective and most of then are out of control and hard tor determine, it is clear that especially- in view of technic pattern project solutions are not possible. Optimal salving of many problems are necessary. Inspite agal these inconvenience in order to use productively the sources which are already limited, in mining sector approaching to problems-'one project? base is very important. Different from other sectors for mining investments which reac es very high figures and most of the time in need of foreign sources on high amount, they should pross the quality of fulfilling many ex;ectations by the entreriser financer, company and the state. Naturally the entreprisers will seek the most suitable one between the investmen alternatives. XII Even if there is not a standart to meet the expectations of this group of three- there are diverse project models. Financing organizations and existing mining legislation offers various approaches. Common aim in the investment definit activities with less cost ri'ser and the state securing maxim forseen. For this reason each pro a technological entitiy should be definit time segments when their t arrives. This necessity does not the project which is well prepared economically, but at the same time appliaction plan which wll be mana technics. projectsris to conclude in view of the entrep- um benefit and on time ject phase which forms completed within ??'?- echnological turn leave as sufficient technocally and s necessitates an ged with modern With thiswork Estas Mermer Sanayii Ltd. Co belonging Ankara-Nallihan-Osmankoy marble field is projected for 1 DDD m3 production in view of technical, economical and financial aspects. In the first part it has been mentioned the defina- tion of marble, its calssif ication, the colour its hardneas and its tissue. In the second and third part the subject of the thesis is the characteristic of geogrouphical and jeological of the area. In the fourth part it is told that the technologal characterictic of marble. In the fifth part it is told that defining the mine area, the methods in marble production, stacking and transport and it is given information about the machines that are going;tabe used and the group of men that are goving to work. In the sixth part it has been investigated that the financial of the project. These studies have been done for this. - Accounting the total of fixed capital investment. - Showing the investment according to the years. xni - Accounting the capital of administration -Accounting term of administration according to the yaras income and outlay and proportion of capasity using. - Preparing proforma income tables - Arranging fan tables - Defining the profitableness in project and the spot in bringing profit Nay let's mention about these; Estabilishing a new production foundation and the total expenses on it for producing is called fixed capital investment. In case the foundation is on produc tion, the amortization that hoppens in every year, can be bought new ones and this can be taken patt in yearly administration expenses. ;Until the administration the fixed valency that needs to investment making it working, the expenses on trying and assembly are fixed capital factors. At the end of fixed capital investment it is founded that the physical structure of the foundation. To bring income in a certain term of the production, it is needed some amount of money for daily payment, the salaries of workers and personnel, providing spare parts and for any expenses. This is called "Administration Capital". It is carried important that the term of administra- v tion expenses, and the cost of products that are thought in the project. Accounting marking term it is found that the base cost of the product and the base commercial cost. It's also important that proforma income and outlay tables for the investment projects. In this table it can be seen clearly the amount of sale for every year in the future, administration expenses, payment of dept, interest, and capital, profit before tax, if there is investment discount, the taxes that will be paid, profit after tax, another profits and etc. This gives informa tion about the wholeness of the project. These Fon tables are prepared for showing from the dateof working time of that project, the profits that are xxv made in that time and the yearly fans, and when the dept of the project will be paid and what kind of intaltments will be used. These are concepts for defining to make profit a)- Profit b)- Expense/outlay c)- Cost d)- Damage e)- Fixed outlay f)r- Changing outlay g)- Half changing outlay liJe can say the benefits of profit analysis in these parts. a)- The benefits for production b)- The benefits far expenses contrail c)- The benefits for profit plan In the last :pant it is given that the organisation structure of the company.
Tez (Yüksek Lisans) -- İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi, Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü, 1995
Thesis (M.Sc.) -- İstanbul Technical University, Institute of Science and Technology, 1995
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