Telekominikasyon kablo sektöründe pazarlama faaliyetleri

Açıkalın, E. Sema
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Bu çalışmanın amacı sanayii malı ile tüketici malı arasındaki farklılıkları ortaya kayarak, bir sanayii malı olan telekomünikasyon kablosunun, yoğun bir rekabet bulunan iç pazarda ve sektörün kurtuluşu olarak görülen dış pazarlardaki pazarlama faaliyetlerinin uygulanmasını görmektir. Çalışma da önce pazarlamanın tanımı yapılarak tüke tim malı ve sanayii malı arasındaki farklar belirtilmiş ve sanayii mallarının pazarlanması ile ilgili genel bil giler verilmiştir. Daha sonraki bölümlerde kablo teri minin tanımı yapılmış ve telekomünikasyon kablasuyla di ğer kablolar arasındaki farkların görülebilmesi amacıyla kabloların sınıflandırılması yapılarak, telekomünikasyon kabloları için detaylı açıklamalar verilirken, diğer kab lolar hakkında genel bilgiler verilmiştir. Kablo sektö rünün Türkiye'deki gelişimi ve bugünkü durumu anlatıldık tan sonra, sektördeki pazarlama faaliyetleri anlatılmış tır.
The aim of this study ta show the applications of marketing efforts of telecommunication cables in external and internal markets by putting out differences between consumer goods and industrial goods. Due to this aim, at first the terms of "marketing", "consumer poods" and "industrial goods" are defined and Information is. given about "industrial goods". Marketing is defined as the process in society by which the demand structure for economic goods and services is anticipated or enlarged and satisfied through the conception, promotion and physical distribution of such goods and services. Consumer goods are those which are produced for direct uses of consumer. Industrial goods are produced to be used of producing other products or services. Industrial goods are divided in to' 5 groups Rau Materials Fabrication Materials Installations Accessories Equipments Industrial Market is divided in to 3 groups 1)- In the first group, buyers use the good they bought, to produce another good or service and they aim to get profit. vx 2)- Goverment,. institutions buy industrial goods. 3)- Associations whose aims are not to get profit, such as foundations, use industrial goods. Marketing efforts of industrial goods are mostly depend on the top management as changes of marketing strategies effect all departmants of firm. In order to be able to prepare.a marketing plan and apply marketing strategies, product should be identified. Especially technical products have complex technical properties. Because of this, cables, their categories and structures are explained: Cable, is a.'technical- p'r-oduct that' transmits.signal,' data -or energy by using an insulated conductor. Cables can be classified according to several bases, According to their uses, cables are divided into 3 groups ; 1~ Energy Cables 2- Telecommunication Cables 3~ Special Cables Telecommunication cables are divided in to 2 groups 1- Metallic Telecommunication Cables Z- Fiber-Gptic Cables Another classification; » 1- Signal and Control Cables 2- Telephone 'Cables Structure of a telecommuncation cable includes several layers. vii * Conductors: Conductors can be metallic or non- metalic. It transmits a signal or data. Metallic con ductors are copper and aluminium, non-metallic conductor are fibers. * Insulations: Metallic cables have thermoset and themaplastic or paper insulations. Insulation of fibers are loose tubes. * Cable Core: Cable core consists of stranded units or sub-units. Strended pairs or quads form units or sub- units. Sometimes, pairs forms cable core. * Wrapping: A plastic tape is applied on the cable core helicially. * Shaats: Sheat materials can be PVC or PE. * Screen: Aliminium or copper tapes are applied under the outer sheats. * Armour: Armour is applied to protect the cable from external strengths. Since 1965, so many investments were made in to telecommunication cables. This caused idal"... capacities in Turkey. Total capacity in Turkey is estimated 35.GD0.QQD uire-km today. Quality and technology is sufficient to export. So, telecommunication cable producer in Turkey, starts to export their goods. Importation of cables is not so high as quanti:ty and.value >and import trables can not compete to local cables. There are so many firms in telecommunication cable market, in Turkey. H of them sell thei-r cables to Turkish PTT. 5 of them are large companies. These are Türk Siemens, Türkkablo, HESKablo, Kavel Kablo and Izka Kablo. The most important customer is Turkish PTT. It's share in total purchase is 95 %. There are k groups customer: vm 1)- Official Institutions : PTT, TEK and other instutions are in this group. The mast important factor to purchase the goods is price, 2)- Contractors Who (dorks For Official Institutions The mast important factors to purchase are price and delivery time. 3)- Other Contractors k)- Retail Sellers Third and fourth groups of consumers have 5 % share of total purchase. In order to he able to export their cables, firms should search internatinol markets. There are so many potential markets for telecommunication cables. Some of these are fallowings: - Saudi Arabia - Syria - Libya - Iran - Jordan - Pakistan - Algeria Firms want to be successful in the market.In order to be able to have success in market they have to form a marketing plan. A marketing plan consists of 3 steps. The first step is to "assess current performance" and second step is to establish specific objectives. Marketing concept of firms effects to establish objectives. Although Marketing depertment in large firms in telecommunication cable sector is effective to determine objectives, in small firms marketing department just concentrates on selling..Before determine the objectives, firms have to search market envoirement; recognize their capabilities, reco.gnize. the limitations; understand their opportunities and risks. Firms have to pay attention to uncontrollable factors of market envirament. These factors are-cus tomers, competition, government, economy, and technology IX far telecommunication cable market. All these factors effect success of firm. Marketing planners have to consider these factors while they are determining, objectives. The third step of preparing marketing plan is to develop marketing program. Selecting target market, forming marketing mix and controlling marketing plan are the stages of a marketing program. In telecommunication cable sector, target market is mostly, PTT for large firms in internal market. Although pricing and product strategy. are mast effective in marketing mix, distrubi- tion is not so imoortant. Promotion strategydoes not include advertising ef fectiva-ly. It includes invitations of customers to factory in order to introduce the firm and it's technical' capability. Sometimes firms give education to the per sonnel of customer about cables and their accesories. Brochures and catalogues are mostly used. The last "step of marketing plan is monitoring the results of marketing plan. Firms prepere the tables which ;shacos.the results and assess them in order to make revisions xf necessary.
Tez (Yüksek Lisans) -- İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi, Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü, 1994
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