Sosyolojik Açıdan Türk Halk Oyunları'nın Tarihi Gelişimi

Perçin, Kamile
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Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü
Institute of Social Sciences
Bu çalışmamızın konusu sosyoloji ve folklorun ilişkisi üzerinde yoğunlaşmaktadır. Sosyoloji, Folklor, Tarih, Kültür, Örf ve Adetler konusu üzerinde durulduktan sonra sosyolojik olarak sosyal yapı tipleri ve sosyal değişme açısından konuya yaklaşılmış, oyun kavramı üzerinde durulmuş, ayrıca halk oyunlarının Dünya'da ve Türki ye'de tarihi gelişimi anlatılmıştır.
The name of "The Historical Development of Turkish Folk Dance in Terms of Sociological Perspective" is focused on relation between so ciology and folklore. Firstly, we mentioned sociology, history, folklore, culture and cus toms. And then the subject was rapproached from the social structure types and social change. Secondly, we focuse on the "dance" concept, and "folk dance". Thirdly the history of folk dance in Turkey and World were explained. As a science sociology and folklore is interreleated. It is not diffi cult to understand this subject. The folk dance, which is composed of important parts of our cul ture, formed the matter not only folklore science but also sociology sci ence. In this study we aimed the relation among on sociology, folklore, customs, culture, mores and social change. vi In this way we showed all of them affects the social structure types. At the same time, our culture. In the process of social change are not simply belong to traditional area. In addition, its reinforce social structure types and we took it social integration in terms of social change. Folk dance own different regionall the products of characterictics. It is very different to approachad the folk dance from visions of special ist than spectators. The folk dance, which "horon", "zeybek", "karşılama" and "kaytar ma" are thought as a products of different culture. However this idea is completly wrong. When we look at geography of Anodolu. We observe very kind of different culture. When the folk dance, expand out its regional, its state large loca tion and population. Al of the folk dance with figures and costumes look like as be long to us. Hence geographical structure of Anadolu. There is a variation in folk dance but folk dance own integrative characterictics. "Horon", "Ha lay", "Karşılama" ect. belong to our culture and all of them are richness of our cultural geography. vu Folk dance possess very kind of mesage. It is necessary to corrupt the mesage integrative. Also it is possible to observe the culture of richnes. Anadolu The together we transported from Middle Asia and the thousand of folk dance in our countr are synthezed. We could encounter not only in folk dance area but also in the idea, such as "Türk Samanları" with Diyonizos (Şarap ve Eğlence Tan rısı), Sümer, Lidya and Orta Asya mits. The folk dance could be effectiable on the process and integraiton of our social and cultural structure. In order to evaluate past of our society, to interpret the historical development of socio-cultural dimension of our society and therefore to project and to make cultural politics ect. It is necessary to give a impor tant to folk dance. And then in order to develop and research the folk dance, it is necessary to build Folk dance institute and to train the folk dance specialists. The our folk dance that is tied to the today with past would have conveyed as a inheritance of our culture. This study that making an eross-point between sociology and folk lore compased of three parts. Vlll In the first wolume, we concentrated on basic concepts we took re lations between sociology -history, sociology- folklore and culture con cept. And then we studied mores and customs which are belong to basic cultural concept. Second part of our research include social structure types and so cial change subjects. This volume that we haven't anxieted very large, we handled "societ}'-" and "community" as a social structure types and in releation of idea of some famous sociologists. After we studied social change in terms of social disorganization and social integration. In the thirdly parts, we handled releation between history and folk dance in terms of sociology. In this volume we studied the histori cal development of "dance" and "folk dance" and origins of folk dance, and then historical develepment of folk dance in Turkey and in the World. Our study was completed with "suggestion" and "results".
Tez (Yüksek Lisans) -- İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi, Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü, 1994
Thesis (M.A.) -- İstanbul Technical University, Institute of Social Sciences, 1994
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Halk Bilimi (Folklor), Sosyoloji, Folklor, Halk oyunları, Kültür, Modern toplum, Sosyal bütünleşme, Sosyal değişme, Sosyal çözülme, Tarihsel gelişim, Türk halk oyunları, Örf-adetler, Folklore, Sociology, Folklore, Folk dances, Culture, Modern society, Social integration, Social change, Social disorganization, Historical development, Turkish folk dances, Traditions customs