Çukurova Bozlakları

dc.contributor.advisor Emiralioğlu, Afşin tr_TR
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dc.description Tez (Yüksek Lisans) -- İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi, Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü, 1996 tr_TR
dc.description Thesis (M.A.) -- İstanbul Technical University, Institute of Social Sciences, 1996 en_US
dc.description.abstract Çukurova Bozlakları başlığı altında yapılan bu tez çalışması dört bölümden oluşmaktadır. Birinci bölümde Çukurovanın tarihsel ve kültürel birikimi ile sosyo ekonomik yapısı araştırılmıştır. İkinci bölümde ise Çukurova Bozlaklarının tarihçesi Çukurova tarihçesiyle birlikte ele alınmıştır Üçüncü bölümde ise Çukurova Bozlaklarının edebi yapısı incelenmiş ve örneklendirilmiştir. Dördüncü bölümde Çukurovadan derlenen bozlakların genel olarak melodik yapısı konusunda tesbitier yapılmıştır. Sonuç bölümünde ise yapılan araştırmadan ortaya çıkan sonuçlara dayanılarak tesbitler yapılmış çeşitli yargılar ortaya konmuş ve genel bir bozlak tanımı yapılmıştır. tr_TR
dc.description.abstract Bozlaks - Bozlaks which are important in Turkish Folk Music are considered as uzun hava (vocal tunes without lyric) and in this part of Turkish Folk Music. They are stili sung in many different regions in Anatolia. One of the regions which continues the Bozlak singing tradition is Çukurova Bozlaks which exist in Çukurova region have been contented in our thesis. When Çukurova is mentioned the city of Adana, which is surrounded by Toros mountains and which is situated in the middle of Çukurova Plain is recalled. Bozlaks have been collected from this region and been examined in our thesis. Adana is an old historic town which is based on very old times and which has been the stage for many previous performances of the ancient civilisations. Hitits, Assyrians, Romans, Byzantians, Armenians and Mamelukes used to live in these lands and after a duration which began with Ramazanoglus, the city became the land of Turks and Turkish people. VII An Oğuz Branch of the Turkish race settled in the feet of Toros Mountains and from there they arrived in Çukurova and continued their traditional living style which is nomadic and between the plain of Çukurova and Toros Mountains. Bozlaks have been brought to the region by these nomadJcTurkish people and since they have continued their living and have not left their traditional nomadic life, they still keep the possessed cultural values and cuttur have survired until today. Bozlak is a Turkish word which has been brought to Anatolia by moslem Oğuz Branches of Turkish races who are Türkmens and have been used with different meanings in different parts of Anatolia. During this historic course itis musical meaning and tune has come forward. These long tunes (uzun hava) which are mounings and cryings for help, mean "bozulamak" in Turkish so these tunes are called "bozulak" but in time, they are shortened to be "bozlak".The verbal sturucture of Bozlaks Bozlaks are Turkish Folk Poems which are considered in Turkish Literature. They are based on oral narration and metre based on the number of syllables. The poetry of the lyrics are in the from of "koşma" which are known as folk poems. Eleven syllabled and eight syllabled forms of "koşma" poetic forms are used. Some of the bozlaks which have been collected, gaining richness by the repetitions at the end of the lines and these repetitions are done in different style. Since Bozlaks are lyric poem forms, in koşma style.their rhyme orders are naturally in koşma rhyme order too. The syllable pauses are generally like 6+5=1 1 5+6=1 1.We mostly notice them to be used as6+5=11 VIII The language of these boziaks is pure and unspoiled Turkish, Poets like Karacaoglan and DadalogJu have added a lot in to this. Differences between the usage of a language is called *ğız" (dialect) or manner of speaking. When regional differences of that area a olso their expressions and idioms are added into this then it is called "regional manner*. The regional manner is noticed in boziaks. The regional manner of Çukurova Boziaks is Türkmen manner." Subjects of Çukurova Boziaks are nearly the same as the ones in Turkish Folk Music. The general theme of boziaks are social events or happenings in our lives so they are a part of our lives. Most of the themes in boziaks are related to social life and they can be put forword like this: a) Heroism Braveness and inhabiting b) Country praising poems, social subjects. c) Love d) Death The most proeminent boziaks lyrics belong to "Karacaoglan" who is a very famous folk poet Unfortanelty there is not much information and evidence about him and his life. The most important knowledge and sources about him are the poems written by him and survived until our time. Some of these poems have changed a little because they have been moved from one IX ear to another and sung by different people. Most of these poems have been written in leather pieces called "conk".As it has been understood from the poems he is one of the greatest folk poets of the seventeeth century. As it has been believed by most of the researchers he lived in Çukurova and he was a Türkmen.He is a poet who narrated poems with a pure, clear and fluent Turkish during the most powerful period of the Ottoman Empire. Karacaoğlan wandered all around Anatolia and told his poems. By doing this he added a lot to Turkish culture and language in the name of language unity. Hehas been an important factor in keeping Turkish identity with the subject of his poems and their realty simplicity. Karacaoglan who has passed much beyond nomadic tribes ethnic groups religion and sect fights has prepared ( a basis for ) a national unity peace and brotherhood with his poems and the messages have been given through them. Another important poet in Çukurova Bozlaks is, Dadaloglu. Our knowledge about him is again through his poems and through people. Some of X the certain results we came through his poems are he a oteo lived in Çukurova. He comes from "Avsar Türkmens." He lived during the years when settling was complsar. Dadaloğiu is a "war poet". His literary charcter has been effected from Karacaoğlan's humanity and love, Pir Sultans dignity and Köroğlu's braveness. Another poet from Çukurova is Elbeyiioğtu. He is the leader of a Türkmen tribe in Çukurova called llbeyli. Apart from these poets, Aşık Hüseyin, Kul Mustafa, Deli Boran are the other poets should be mentioned in boziaks of Çukurova. Çukurova Boziaks are sometimes named after people, tribes or branch of a race related to their geographic structures and the exclamations done in the introductory part of a bozlak. In Çukurova Boziaks there are two scales Their movements are descending. Boziaks which are written on the first scale move between the upper and lower eighty notes making a small pause on the third and fifth notes and rest on the first note again. Boziaks which are written on the second scale between the upper and lover eighth notes which are written with another four notes in addition which is XI an octave. Bozlaks written with this scale usually begin with an exdamaniton. As a result, Çukurova Bozlaks are written in wide ranges which move between upper and lower notes and which are written in Türkmen manner and are called Türkmeni Bozlaks en_US
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dc.title Çukurova Bozlakları tr_TR
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