Yapı Üretiminde Tasarım Aşamasında Yapıma Yönelik Maliyeti Etkileyen Karar Alanları Üzerine Bir Araştırma

Kaba, N. Enver
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Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü
Institute of Science and Technology
Bu tezin konusu, yapı üretim sistemi içinde tasarım alt sisteminde, yapım (construction) alt sistemine yönelik maliyeti etkileyen karar alanlarını saptamak üzere yapılan bir araştırmadır. Bu doğrultuda birinci ve ikinci bölümde üretim ve sistem kavramları ve yapı üretim sistemi tanımlanmış, yapı üretim sistemi hedefleri ve türleri incelenmiştir. Üçüncü bölümde yapı üretimini sistemler yaklaşımı ile inceleyen yedi ayrı modele yer verilmiştir. Dördüncü bölümde yapı üretim sistemi alt sistemleri ve bunlardan tasarım alt sistemi detaylı bir şekilde ele alınmıştır. Son bölümde ise, tasarım alt sistemi içinde, yapıma yönelik maliyeti etkileyen karar alanlarını saptamaya yönelik bir çalışmaya yer verilmiştir.
Chapter I Introduction As a result of the effects of a general industrial development all over the world, the building technology has gained new aspects in consequence of which the implementation of new design techniques have contributed towards obtaining the most suitable solution easily. In contrast to the traditional building process, the users of data thorough the industrialized process have new members i.e. the clients and procedures of building components. The embers mentioned above and the and the design team have to co-operate with the building research institutions. Ever since the beginning of the 20th century, the flow of information through the building process has branched out widely because of the developments in general industrialization. As explained in the "introduction", these developments brought about an increase in the amount of data to be processed. The problem is the absence of communication media among all users of data in the building process. As this has not yet materialized, the users of data are not able to communicate with each other efficiently. Chapter II Building Production Systems In this chapter production, system and building productions systems are defined and discussed. The main three building systems are traditional, developed traditional and industrialized system. While according to the first system the building parts are produced approximately 100 percent on site, the industrialized building elements are constructed at the factories at the via same ratio. The developed traditional system is directed towards the construction phase. The last system has two main subsystems which are branched out as well. Production types Building Construction Systems Traditional Developed traditional Industrialized The building parts are produced approximately 1 00 persent on site The mechanization and the rationalization are on a high level, many planning techniques are used Production is in the factory, fitting is in the site Schema 2.2. Building Construction Systems This chapter consist of these sections: Production - System and system aims System parts System environment System structure IX - Building Production System Aims Economical and Social Aims Personal and Organizational Aims - Building Production Systems Types Traditional Developed traditional Industrialized Closed Systems Open Systems Chapter III System Approach in the Building Production This chapter aims to analyze the reasons behind the systems approach briefly. Then, its various applications in the building activities are discussed and finally a model to represent the building production system to encompass activity subsystems of enterprise, planning, preparation, construction. This chapter consist of these sections: - Systems Approach in the Building Production - Building Production Systems Models C.E.D. Wooster's Model I.A. Napier's Model J. Roberts's Model A.B. Handler's Model T.A. Markus's Model Sina Berköz's Model Y. Sey's Model Chapter IV A Model of the building production system and design. A systems approach to architecture requires a certain altitude. It seeks to do more than place something in relation to other things and assign it a place in a system. This chapter consist of these sections: - Articulation of the whole - The performance concept Technical and environmental performance Human performance Symbolic performance Economical performance - Building Production system framework - The Building Production Subsystems Design Construction Facility operation Human bionomic processes - Design Concept Pre design step First design step Detail design step - Programming in Design process Program and programming concept Programming in Architecture Building programming framework and programming process Program framework Program process
Tez (Yüksek Lisans) -- İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi, Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü, 1995
Thesis (M.Sc.) -- İstanbul Technical University, Institute of Science and Technology, 1995
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Karar analizi; Maliyet ; Yapı üretimi, Decision analysis ;Cost ;Structure production