Orta nitelikli toplu konutlarda boyutsal standartlar açısından banyo büyüklüğünün araştırılması

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Temizleme -temizlenme eyleminin oldukça önemli bir yer tuttuğu ülkemizde, özellikle toplu konut alanlarında konut banyo büyüklükleri belirlenmesinde tasarımcıya yar dımcı olacak boyutsal standartların saptanması, kullanıcı gereksinmelerinin, kullanıcı -eylem -ekipman ve çalışma- alanı arasındaki ilişkilerin irdelenmesi başlıbaşına bir araştırma düzeyi ortaya çıkarmaktadır. Ülkemizde henüz yaygın bir uygulaması olmayan banyo ıslak mekanına ait standart spesifikasyonların önemini vurgulamak ve bunla rın uygulama ve özellikle toplu konut alanlarında kulla nıcı isteklerine uygunluk olanaklarının araştırılması geniş kapsamlı bir problem oluşturmaktadır. Bu amaçlara yönelik geliştirilen çalışma 5 bölümden oluşmaktadır. Giriş bölümünde, tezin ereklerinin belirlenmesi nin yanı sıra sorunun çeşitli boyutları vurgulanmaktadır. Tezin ikinci bölümünde, konu alanı sınırları için de banyo mekanı tanımlanarak, banyo içinde yer alan ey lemler ve eylem alanları ile ekipmanları belirlenmeğe çal ışılmaktadır. Tezin üçüncü bölümünde, tez konusu probleme iliş kin sistem açılımları yapılarak, tanımlanan sistemin er gonomim elemanları ile bu elemanlar arası etkileşimlerin dereceleri belirlenmeğe çalışılmaktadır. Banyo içinde yer alan eylemlerin, rahatlık ve kul lanıcı gereksinmeleri ile uyum içinde yapılabilmesi için gerekli olan kullanıcı-ekipman-eylem alanı boyutları ile aralarındaki ilişkiler belirtilmektedir. Tezin dördüncü bölümü bir alan araştırmasını içer mektedir. Farklı konut ve banyo büyüklüklerinde mekansal gereksinmelerin saptanması ve boyutsal açıdan değerlendi rilmesi için seçilen Ataköy ve Göztepe Soyak yerleşimle rinde 35 banyo incelemesi yer almaktadır. Tezin sonuçlar bölümünde ise, saptanan standart büyüklüklerin geçerlilikleri ve tezin amaçlara hangi ölçülerde ulaştığı belirlenmeğe çalışılmaktadır.
During the urbanization, fast variation in user requirements is espesially centralized on personal hygiene activities and equipments. The dissatisfaction arises because of the matching problems between physical environment and users in especially appear in the bath rooms. The cleaning function of human takes the most important part in Turkish culture. Personal hygiene ac tivities are quite complex, related with each other and although it is personal it must be studied from the psychogical and social point of view. A proper place which is needed by the users can only be designed by analysing each above mentioned activities. However, this can only be possible after the consideration of related hygiene activities with equipments and worksplaces for tha bathrooms. The bathroom design and installation is one of the expensive parts of the house because of decoration, using standard equipments such as bath tub, closet, lavatory and fitting equipments with using the watertight cladding materials. Therefore, it must be emphasized to bathroom design in especially in the middle quality mass-housing. Designing bathroom place effects the determination of the building sizes of mass-housing for middle class people. The subject of this thesis is to determine the sizes of bathrooms from the dimensional standards accord ing to the place requirements and related problems in middle quality mass-housing. Bathrooms are the parts of the houses where human hygiene needs are satisfied. So, on account of the prevention of human health, it should not be under the specific minimums. Hence, The standard spacifications related to this place should be taking prepared by precedence. The design of the bathroom and equipment must be based on the requirements posed by the major personal hygiene activities, i.e., body cleansing and elimination. The users of the baths consist of different age and different sex groups. Therefore there are many vari ables like woman, man, child, young, old or teenager, culture and the number of household. Family size and composition are obvious and primary determinants of the need for hygiene facilities although they are by no means the sole determinants. If provision is to be made fore all activities within the bathroom, the most obvious requirements arej first, a vast increas in floor space, and second, a possible shift in the character of the space from the generally Mbusinesslike" atmosphere we have generally become accustomed to, although it is likely that this expressed desire does not represent a change of attitude as far as the respondents were corcerned. Dimensional standards related to wet cores in dwellings have not yet been determined in Turkey. Therefore, there is no standard core application in our countrywide. The other purpose of this study is to investigate the applicability of the foreign countries standards values for the bathrooms and also to determine the ones which can be used in Turkey until the anthro- pometrical and it way of life of Turkish people are developed. During this study which is aimed for these pur poses, the research has developed in the following ways s - In the subject matter limits, the bathroom place is defined and activities which appear in the bathrooms and activity cores with equipments are tried to define in first part. - Related to the subject matter of this thesis, "a study on the spatial standards of bathroom sizes in middle quality mass-housings" are discribed in different resolution levels of the system. The ergonomics elements and their interactions within the system are defined with functional and structural aspects in further analysis. - The characteristics of the human element with his activities and man-machine, man-worksplace and Man- environment interactions are investigated in chapter of Ergonomics Declination. The structural analysis of the system indicate the nine system elements and their inter action-sets. xi The nine system elements are î o Quantities of activities in the bathrooms, o Qualities of activities in the bathrooms, o Usage characteristics the place in time, o Third dimensions usage characteristic, o Family sizes, o Number of equipments, o Equipment dimensions, o Equipment installation, o Activity turn. - User, equipment and activity core dimensional which are needed for making in comfort and suitable for users requirements of cleaning (body, face, hand, hair, foot cleaning) and elimination in the bathrooms are identified and exposed» - As a consequence, for the evaluation of the standard dimensions and requirements, a field research which include the process of using the house assessment method is needed. So, 35 bathrooms survey prepared and investigated with random sample method in Ataköy and Göztepe Soyak Mass-housing where they include different house and bathroom sizes. below: We can clasify the results of this survey as list o Family sizes of users change between 1-6. o 83.30% of householders are graduate of univer sities and 61.29% of his wifes are graduate of highschools, o The polynomial relation has been found between the house sizes and the bathroom sizes. o It has been understood that the family size hasn't been taken into consideration in planning. So generally dissatisfaction was found out. o Bathroom areas change between 2.50 m2 - 7.50 m^. o Bathroom using frequence reaches at the impor tant levels in the 14 of 17 users whoes 4 person famimies. xii o Most of the families have said that they have pleased to using bath tubs. o The users satisfaction of keeping the washing machines in the bathrooms increases the users satisfac tion paralelly to the dimensional increase. o It has been found out that shelfes are installed to the bathrooms which have 4.00 m2 - 5.00 m2 areas. o Clening, washing and elimination activities in the bathrooms of all 31 and washing clothes in 26, drying clothes in 2, drying hair in 15 with grooming body in 10 families. o 22 users want to have a seperate washing-drying and ironning room in their houses. o It appear that there isn't worksplace in the bathrooms about 4.00 m2 and is not sufficient between 4.00 m2 - 5.00 m2 areas. o 16 users had changed equipment and dimensions of their bathrooms. o The complaints about the bathrooms are» no missing cabinet (58.06%), smallness of the place (38.74 %), no lock of place for washing machine (9.68%), bad equipment accomodation (70.97%) and high bath tubs (29.03%). This survey concludes that, the nine determined system elements and changes in users requirements are effect factores in determination of bathroom sizes. There are different bathrooms design in different standard houses. In todays house, bathroom is one of the most important places everydas developments in technology creates new products and design, and nowadays we can think about a bathroom design in a space shuttle. Todays bath design contains some important units of home and some electrical apparatus. In tha last decade of 20th century people live "inside" even they are out side» the outside wold increasingly becoming the environ ment. xiii Since, the habits, the values and the technology change day by day, the problems that will be dealed in design of baths are also changed. Relatively to our environment complexily, the problems also developed. There are different selution for satisfying the users need. Briefly, this study tries to emphasizes the needed of determination of dimensional standard cores in the bathrooms for our country and defining the users requirements related to hygiene activities in this place and the research of related equipment with in the bath rooms, environment conditions and factores in standard ization of bathroom sizes.
Tez (Yüksek Lisans) -- İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi, Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü, 1991
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