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Şahinöz, Filiz
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Bu tezin konusu, özellikle bina yapımı ile ilgili işlerin ne amaçla ve nasıl bölüitılendirildiğini incelemek, bunun için ortaya konulmuş bazı sistemleri analiz etmek ve yur dumuzdaki uygulamalar açısından belli sonuçlara varmak tır. Dolayıs'ıyla tezde ele alınan problem kısaca, "yapım işlerinin bölümlendir ilmesi" olarak belirlenmiştir. Tezin GİRİŞ başlıklı birinci bölümünde; önce tezde ele alınan problemin önemi açıklanmakta ve tanımı yapılmakta dır. Bundan sonra bu problemle ilgili olarak yurt içinde ve yurt dışında daha. önce yapılmış çalışmalar gözden ge çirilmektedir. GÎRÎŞ bölümünün sonunda da çalışmanın amaçları ile kapsam ve sınırları ortaya konulmaktadır. YAPIM İŞLERİNİN BÖLÜMLENDİRİLMESİ başlıklı ikinci bölüm de; önce yapım işlerinin bölümlendirilmesinde güdülen amaçlar ve "izlenen temel yaklaşımlar incelenmekte ve yurt içinde ve yurt dışında ortaya konulmuş sekiz yapım işleri bölümlendirme sisteminin analizi yapılmaktadır. ÇALIŞMADA İZLENEN METOD başlıklı üçüncü bölümde, bu tez çalışmasının yapılmasında izlenen temel adımlar; proble min belirlenmesi, dokümantasyon, dokümanların analiz edilmesi, survey yapılması, bulguların değerlendirilmesi ve tezin sonuçlandırılması başlıkları altında ayı ayrı açıklanmıştır BULGULAR başlıklı dördüncü bölümünde de, yapım işleri bö lümlendirme sistemleri, amaçları, içerikleri ve yaklaşım ları açısından karşılaştırılmakta ve bu konuda Türk yük lenici firmalarında derlenen görüşler özetlenmektedir. Tezin SONUÇLAR VE ÖNERİLER başlıklı beşinci ve sonuncu bölümünde de bu çalışmada varılan sonuçlar ortaya konul muştur.
The subject of this thesis is to examine why and how the building construction works are broken down, to analyze a number of systems developed for this purpose and to reach at conclusions relating to the building industry in Tur key. The problem undertaken in the thesis, therefore, is briefly stated as "breakdown of construction works". Work Breakdown is currently a subject of great signifi cance in cost and time management, as well as, in con tract administration and management information systems in contemporary Construction Management practice. As the scales of the construction projects grew, building tech nologies highly developed and got more complicated, breakdown of construction works in a proper manner became the subject of a particular area of expertise. For this reason, in a number of countries, standard construction work breakdown systems are developed by experts to encom pass all the building production stages from inception to completion of the construction projects. Another advantage of developing standard work breakdown systems for construction industry is to establish a com mon vocabulary and to facilitate communications among all the parties who take part in construction activities such as; project owners, architects, engineers, builders and contractors. In this work, eight (8) standard construction work break down systems "from this country and abroad are examined. It is concluded that most of these systems have a dynamic structure and continuously updated according to the de velopments in technology. In this country, the only official standard used in the breakdown of construction works is the system introduced in the (so called) "Unit Price List" issued by the Minis try of Public Works and Housing. It is understood that, xx this system is not updated as fast as the building tech nology changed and is not sufficient for the planning, programming and control of building processes, as well as, for management information services. For this rea son, Ministry of Public Works and Housing has commis sioned Building Research Institute of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) in mid 1980' s for a research and development project aimed at resolving these limitations of the system in question. Although this project was completed in 1988, could not be put into practice for a number of reasons. As the development of Turkish Construction Industry ac celerated after 1970" s and a number of large contracting firms started to enter into international contracting markets, the sufficiency of this system has been seri ously questioned. It is realized, therefore, a new na tional construction work breakdown system has to be de signed to conform with the international standards and present developments in the construction technology. This, however, requires joint efforts of a variety of authorities and institutions such as, the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, the Turkish Standards Insti tute, universities and professional organizations. In the first chapter titled INTRODUCTION, the problem un dertaken in the thesis is stated and its significance is discussed. Following this, previous work related to the thesis problem carried out in Turkey and at abroad are reviewed. At the end of the chapter, objectives, scope and limitations of the thesis are outlined. In the second chapter titled BREAKDOWN OF CONSTRUCTION WORKS, first the objectives of work breakdown in con struction activities are examined under the following headings :. cost management,. provision of management information services,. process planning and control,. contract administration, Following this, the basic approaches in the breakdown of construction works are reviewed. These are identified as; . Breakdown with regard to the building elements,. Breakdown with regard to the construction activi ties and operations,. Breakdown with regard to building trades,. Mixed breakdown patterns. After this, some examples from construction work break down systems designed with different objectives and ap proaches both in Turkey and at abroad are examined and their contents are discussed. Among these;. CI/Sfb System used in the UK,. Traditional British construction works breakdown system on which "SPON' s Architects' and Builders' Price Book" is based on,. "Common Arrangement of Work Sections for Building Works" developed within the framework of "CPI - Coordinated Project Information System" (again) in Britain,. Construction works breakdown system used in "MEANS Building Construction Cost Data" after CSI system in the U.S.,. Construction works breakdown system used in German "Bauarbeitschliissel" document,. Construction works breakdown system used in Swiss (B.C.C. - Building Cost Classification),. Construction works breakdown system long used in the (so called) "Unit Price List" issued by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing in Turkey,. Construction works breakdown system proposed in the research and development project titled "General Specifications and Unit Cost System for Public Works" by The Building Research Institute of the Scientific and Technological Research Coun cil of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), XI are first separately discussed in detail, then compared in six tables. In the third chapter titled THE RESEARCH METHOD, the ma jor steps followed in the development of the thesis are explained under the heading of; problem definition, in formation gathering, analysis of the information gath ered, making interviews at twelve significant Turkish contracting firms, evaluation of results and findings and concluding the thesis. In the fourth chapter of the thesis titled RESULTS AND FINDINGS, first various construction works breakdown sys tems are compared with regard to their objectives, con tents and approaches. Then, the opinions, of the execu tives of twelve significant Turkish contracting firms on this subject are outlined. The fifth and last chapter titled CONCLUSIONS AND RECOM MENDATIONS, the conclusions reached at the end of this study are listed and some recommendations for further ac tion are made.
Tez (Yüksek Lisans) -- İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi, Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü, 1995
Thesis (M.Sc.) -- İstanbul Technical University, Institute of Science and Technology, 1995
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Binalar, Buildings , Yapı sistemleri, Yapı üretimi, Structure production, Structure systems