Açık Mekan Kullanımı İle Kullanıcı İsteklerinin İrdelenmesi : Kuruçeşme Cemil Topuzlu Kıyı Parkı Örneği

Tantan, Banu
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Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü
Institute of Science and Technology
Bu çalışma, kamusal açık mekanlardan olan parklardaki kullanıcı isteklerini ve beklentilerini belirlemek ve bu doğrultuda temel tasarım ilkelerini saptamak amacıyla hazırlanan soru formu ile gözlem formu ışığında derlenecek bir çalışma olacaktır. Konuya giriş ile amaç ve kapsam birinci bölümde yer almaktadır. İkinci bölümde, kentsel açık alan kavramı tanımı, gelişimi, kentsel açık alan kademelenmesi ve bunlardan parkların geniş bir şekilde açıklanmasına çalışılmıştır. Üçüncü bölümün esası, açık mekan kullanımına ilişkin araştırmaların incelenmesi olup, kentsel açık alanların incelenmesini, değerlendirilmesini, hangi yöntemler kullanılarak ve ne tür amaçlar hedeflenerek araştırma yapılıyor bulmak için benzer çalışmaların incelenmesine çalışılacaktır. Dördüncü bölümde ise, örnek yer seçilen Cemil Topuzlu Parkında yapılan uygulamanın değerlendirilmesi ve alanın fiziksel durumuyla ilgili açıklamalar yer alacaktır. Son bölümde, park tasarımının, kullanıcı istekleri doğrultusunda yapılması gerektiğini vurgulayarak, yapılacak planlama çalışmaları için kullanıcı istekleri göz ardı edilmeksizin tasarım ilkeleri geliştirilmeye çalışılacaktır.
People, from the time of communities formed, have desired to create good environments, cities, and also desired to satisfy their physical and moral needs and wanted to be with nature for all times. It is certain that the endevaour arranging the public space that started too early in the developed countries are for living in a better environment. Places for human are being lost, at the result of continously increasing and chaotic urbanization movements in this country. Therefore, it is necessarry to create urban spaces. As it is been too many works such purpose, also, there exist lost and spoilt spaces. The arrangements made are not sufficient in terms of quality and number. The public spaces are open space to be used by the community. It also has cultural, technical, economical and scientific dimensions. These dimensions, are comprised of whole of the urban spaces either dwelled or not. One of the constructed areas of this wholeness is parks. This research, aims to determine the needs of public space users as well as public open space usage. In this term, face to face interviews and observation methods have been used. Cemil Topuzlu Park at Kuruçeşme is chosen as a research area. XI By making a publication screening, the evaluation is made on this matter in terms of organization and method. The use of open spaces and needs of user's are being tried to determine by application of inquiry and observation. The purpose aimed to get on this study may be listed as; -Users needs on public spaces, and determine desires of how the users get benefits from these places. -To determine the principles of planning-design suitable to conditions of today, by benefiting the works made in advance on this matter, The Thesis compries in four sections. In the first section, introduction, purpose and scope are presented. In the second section, the open urban spaces, their improvement and the their gradings are defined explanation of the detail is tried. It can be told that park meannings differ for different it can mean different for different disciplines, from national parks to playgrounds. Open spaces can be classified as; -parks, -public squares, -urban green areas. The open spaces, from ancient times to the present have different meannings for different cultures. The open spaces are always the important part of our cities. The open spaces in the cities, are defined as constructed and unconstructed. They are important as serving people. Xll All of the activities brought by the social life should be in the urban tissue to address to any portion of the community. The ones included in this work as constructed are; - Regions-Squares - Commercial Centres - Passing Areas - Pedestrians ways - Streets - The Arranged Areas -Sport fields - Children playgrounds - Parks ( the historical development of the parks) classified and tried to give more detailed information about the parks. In the Third Section, smiliar works are studied in order to find how research were made by aiming to find out what kinds of methods have been used to study and evaluation in connection with the use of open spaces. The urban parks are the open spaces that are the property of the society, and serving the various segments of the society to make use of their vacant times and recreational activities. Therefore, the needs and demands of the user of such places should be taken into account on designing such a place. The researches may clarify very many problems for planning and design. While studied the samples made in this section the following points should be taken into account; xui - what is the environment quality? - how is the quality of park evaluated? - what is the criterium for the persons while they are evaluating this quality? The samples explained are aimed to be a source for the thesis. In the fourth section, evaluation and the explanations on the physical condition of the spaces has been included for the application made in Cemil Topuzlu Park that is chosen as a case study. It was tried to form a sampling model after explaining the methods used and how they are formed in the inquiry employed. The data entered into the computer after realization in two different climate, the application of observation and questionnarie made for this work. The program to be used is a statistical package program SPSS. The croostable and correlation analysis processings are made. Then, a general evaluation has been made. In the last section, as it has seen in some investigated examples, development of open spaces is proportional to usage of these spaces. Metamorphoses of demography and life-style of the community and determinative factors of open space usage. As mentioned in the fourth section, it is required to determine research strategies in order to find out users' demand, recreational needs and perception of open space. Users' preferences are effective in the future urban space formation. Determination of usage quality is important in designing, planning and management of parks. As it has seen in the result of questionnaries,users' demand can be classified as: - Active spaces, xiv - Passive green places, - Maintenance, - Cleanliness, - Esthetics quality, - Users' security, - Spaces for entertainment and rest Finally, by stressing that the park design should be made in the direction of demands of the users, and the design principles are tried to improve without disregarding the users needs for the planning works to be made.
Tez (Yüksek Lisans) -- İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi, Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü, 1996
Thesis (M.Sc.) -- İstanbul Technical University, Institute of Science and Technology, 1996
Anahtar kelimeler
Açık alanlar, Cemil Topuzlu Kıyı Parkı, Kullanıcı katkısı, Mekan planlaması, İstanbul-Kuruçeşme, Open spaces, Cemil Topuzlu Kıyı Parkı, User participation, Space planning ; İstanbul-Kuruçeşme