Erzincan Halk Ozanları Ve Eserlerinin Analizi

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Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü
Institute of Social Sciences
Erzincan Halk Ozanları ve Eserlerinin Analizi" konulu bu çalışmamız; İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü'nde Yüksek Lisans Tezi olarak hazırlanmıştır. îkinci bölüm; Erzincan'ın kısa geçmişi ve coğrafi konumuna genelde yer verilmiştir. Üçüncü ve dördüncü bölüm; Ozan ve ozanlığın Erzincan'da doğuşu, ozanlık konuları içinde âşıklık geleneği anlatılmıştır. Beşinci bölüm; Erzincan'ın yetiştirdiği geçmiş ve günümüzdeki ozanlarına ait T.R.T.'nin Türk Halk Müziği Repertuarına kazandırılan deyişler araştırılarak incelenmiş, bunun yanısıra ayrıca T.R.T: Repertuarında bulunmayan deyişler derlenerek notaya alınmış ve bunların tamamı analiz edilmeye çalışılmıştır. Altıncı bölüm; Geçmişte ve günümüzde yaşayan Erzincan Ozanları'nın kısa biyografileri ile şiirlerinin bir kısmı örneklenmiştir. Ulaşılan sonuç; yurdumuzun ozan bölgeleri arasında "Saz âşıkları" olarak bilinen Erzincan'ın, -adı geçen diğer bölgelerimizden farklı bir üslûp ve âşıklık geleneğine sahip olduğunu söyleyebiliriz.
Erzincan folk poets and analysis of their songs" with subject studying was prepared as a high licance theses at the department of social science Institute of Istanbul Technical University. In this study, after Erzincan' s historical and geographical position is sjttfrtly examined, general knowledge about our own subject has been given. In the third section, the meaning of poets, their grow and how to come up to now e.t.c. knowledges have been explanied. In the fourth section, the subjects of poets have been told ve gave some knowledges about general tradition of poets and compared them whit Erzincan1 s and also the rules of poets, about their challenges, their songs melodies which are called MAKAM by them, characters of songs of Erzincan Poets were explained. In the fifth section, we tried to examine 26 verbal songs which were composed by Erzincan' s Poets. First we gave some knowledge which were known. Then examined songs about rythm, melody and words. The identification of each song is given initially. When we made a shape analysis, periot, sentence, phrase, repitition and count were shown by letters. Sentences were shown with small letters, phrases were shown with some singns (x, y, z,,,....), - x - period was shown with big letter. We chose this way to examine the songs which would be understood more easily. In the sixty section the biagraphies of Erzincan Poets and their poems have been given. The result of this studying is Erzincan' s poets songs, their traditions are different from another regions. "As it is known Turkey has seven region. And each of it has different customs and tradition. Their beliefs, wedding ceromoies, folks, songs, are different and depends on the weather climates. Thus their music styles will be the same. As you know, Turkish Folk Music is anonymous. And one sang is not composed by one person, everything effects one song to be composed. For example, there has been an earthquake and some people have died, that person's relatives were among them. He had anguish and without studying music or having an music education he begins to sing a song, you never heard. Or he had a lover, they laved each other very much, decided to get married, but something happened and her father wanted her to get married with another guy. She got married somebady else, but neither he nor she was happy. But the reason was her father. They were hanest. So what happened for a long time they could stand to live life. At the and, he decided to kidnap her. Then after her husband - xi - fallowed and found them some where and killed her. The lover told his feelings by song. I mean, there is no "makam" and music rule for Turkish folk music. So bucouse of different life conditions each regions poets lets citizens know their feeling by their song. Of course each regions people will get happy and get sad for different things. According to writings above Erzincan' s poets songs are different. And we tried to find some song from T.R.T. Fo'lk Music Archive and also from the poets who are alive, have some songs were composed by them. We compiled some of the sonas by giving the composer. They are not so famous. In this way some musicians will know them. We didn't compare this songs by each other. Bucause, generally their melody form, rythm shows difference. But when it is listened by a musician can be understood which area it belongs. We make analysis of the Erzincan' s poets songs. We gave these poets biography, in this way some of us who are interested in learning about their life will have some knowlidge, will have a collection about Erzincan1 s poets songs and will be able to criticize with another area's songs. Poets general tradition have been given and different points between Erzincan' s have been explained. First time such an studying has been done and this teases has been prepared. This has been planned that will be helpful for the musicians wh.o are determined to make a research about Erzincan. As you know, to succeed something you have to xn - have a source that will be the route and will give you some knowlidge. You will only make it large or if something is lack or it is contrary to your ideas, you decide to add something or you'll change it. Because your aim will be to put a new meterials or to prove something that is right for science by preparing a thesis. And you'd better to do a group work that will earn you time, you'll finish it in a short term and many knowlidges from different sources, will make you successful. The important thing is to create something when you do something. By going to the place where you can find the real knowlidge. Otherwise getting up some knowlidge without reaching its own place is just spending your time in vain. In our studying we did this, by going Erzincan and Ankara where the poets are got many knowlidge about Erzincan, its own tradition, custom, and as a science approaching we tried to make analysis. As a new generation we need old musicians to compile songs which we call deyiş, and its own singing and performing style. Because we listen three sort of music. Western music, classical music and folk music. So our ears can't distinguish one of them when you. Play your instrumant and singing. To learn the way how it is sung to get some record or cassette from T.R.T. archives or from the old musicians archives. By listening these songs you get to use and you perform well. Nearly, 80 percent you can do how its sung. Not to forget Turkish folk music - xm - singing style we need to get some books like this. Without being late such a studying must have been done, so we are on the firt level for this thing. I think, musicians who read this will understand some thing should have been tone and they will start to do a studying. As you know each counties folk music is eternal. The important thing is to make it alive
Tez (Yüksek Lisans) -- İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi, Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü, 1994
Thesis (M.A.) -- İstanbul Technical University, Institute of Social Sciences, 1994
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Müzik, Aşıklar(Aşıklık geleneği), Erzincan, Halk ozanları, Türk halk edebiyatı, Music, Minstrel tradition, Erzincan, Troubadours, Turkish public literature