Formation of anthocyanin-rich black carrot extract loaded potato protein particles by ternary compressed CO2-ethanol-water mixture extraction and PGSS-drying

Düzgün Yavuz, Merve
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Black carrot anthocyanins have importance for food industry as it is a natural colorant and possesses health beneficial effects regarding the functional food and beverages. Anthocyanins are conventionally extracted by using organic solvents such as methanol, acetone or water with small amount of hydrochloric acid or formic acid. These methods are problematic due to the residues of organic solvents remaining in extracts that are associated with food safety or due to the degradation of anthocyanins at high temperatures which required for acidified water extraction. Due to these problems, it is crucial to develop novel methods which are environmentally sustainable and efficient, resulting in high yields. The extraction using sub- and supercritical carbon dioxide (sc-CO2) has been growing as an alternative to conventional extraction, as it can potentially fulfill these demands. The anthocyanin- rich extracts are still very labile to different environmental conditions. Encapsulation or complexation with different biopolymers of bioactive compounds provides a good solution before the incorporation of these valuable compounds in food and beverages. Complex coacervation is one of the encapsulation methods which finds a widespread relevance in functional biomaterials consisting the food and beverage area. It is a physicochemical process that be conducted at mild temperatures without high pressures. The other process applied in this thesis for the purpose of complexation was Particles from Gas saturated Solutions–Drying.
Thesis(Ph.D.) -- Istanbul Technical University, Graduate School, 2021
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Microencapsulation, Mikrokapsülleme, Black carrot, Siyah havuç, Food industry, Gida endüstrisi