Architectural retrofit of educational buildings towards nearly zero energy and cost optimal levels considering the life cycle and occupant comfort

Ferdos Moazzen, Nazanin
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Institute of Science and Technology
The thesis research is going to be one of the pioneer studies about school buildings' environmental impacts during their life cycle in Turkey and provide a basis for further analysis and studies. The study will be a base for further research. According to research conducted all over the world, it is known that the current fossil energy resources will be inadequate to meet energy demand in the next decades and that the share of buildings in total energy consumption is very high. The main aim of the thesis study is to focus on the Life Cycle Energy Consumption (LCEC) and the Life Cycle Cost (LCC) efficiency of educational buildings in different climatic regions of Turkey, considering the comfort conditions. Analyses on LCEC and LCC efficiency of a project was conducted in order to generate a reference model, which can represent large-scale educational projects in different climate of Turkey.
Thesis (Ph.D.) -- Istanbul Technical University, Institute of Science and Technology, 2020
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educational buildings, zero energy, buildings