Üretim Kaynakları Planlaması (mrp)

dc.contributor.advisor Özsoy, Can tr_TR
dc.contributor.author Çulban, Tolga tr_TR
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dc.date 1997 tr_TR
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dc.date.issued 1997 tr_TR
dc.description Tez (Yüksek Lisans) -- İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi, Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü, 1997 tr_TR
dc.description Thesis (M.Sc.) -- İstanbul Technical University, Institute of Science and Technology, 1997 en_US
dc.description.abstract Günümüzde, Üretim Kaynakları Planlaması'nın (MRP II) üretim yapan kuruluşlar için stratejik önemi kaçınılmazdır. Bir MRP II sisteminin görevi; üretimi, kaynak ve kapasiteleri gözönünde bulundurarak optimal bir şekilde planlamak ve takip etmek, acil durumlarda anında müdahalelere olanak sağlayarak üretimin ve müşteri siparişlerinin durumunu göstermektir. Sonuç olarak üretimin verimliliği arttırılır, teslimat tarihindeki gecikmeler en aza indirilir, üretim kaynak ve kapasitelerinin kullanımı maksimize edilir. Detay planlama ve üretim takibi sayesinde, mevcut makina ve iş merkezleri optimal şekilde yüklenir, üretim emirlerine mümkün olduğu kadar geç başlanır ve sipariş planlanan zamanda bitirilir. MRP II, bir firma işletim sistemi ve bazen de işletmenin bilgisayar modeli olarak adlandırılmaktadır. Başka bir deyişle, gerçek imalat işletmesini simüle edebilen ve böylece herbir faaliyet etkisinin test edilebilmesine olanak sağlayan, sonuç olarak da üst yönetimin daha sağlam kararlar verebilmesini sağlayan bir sistemdir. tr_TR
dc.description.abstract Nowadays, it is obvious that Manufacturing Resources Planning (MRP II) has a strategic importance for manufacturing companies. The target of an MRP II system is that; to plan and execute manufacturing noticing resources and capacities optimally, to show the state of manufacturing and customer orders. As a result the efficiency of manufacturing is increased, the delays on delivery is decreased to minimum, the utilization of manufacturing resources and capacities is maximized. Material Requirements Planning simulates the universal manufacturing equation. It uses master production schedule (what are we going to make?), the bill of material (what does it take to make it?), and inventory records (what do we have?) to determine future requirements (what do we have to get?). MRP II is named as firm administration system and sometimes as computer model of the firm, in other words, MRP II is a system which can simulate the reel manufacturing company in order to control the effect of all facilities and that helps to top management to give the strongest decisions. MRP II is developed on the base of material requirements planning. Lots of firms use material requirements planning in order to control their production processes in a better way. The usage of these Mil systems have become wide spread by the release of various MRP softwares which are parallel to development in computer systems. MRP became more convenient in usage by the help of computers, MRP applications which are supported by computers, have become an important step in development of production management system. The first step to establish an MRP II system is to establish the MRP II project. Each firm that will use MRP II system, should obtain an operational MRP system to use in MRP simulations once in a week in order to evaluate the possible changes in main production schedule. The ability of MRP simulations will help answering "if, so" questions as well as developing a main production schedule for management. MRP II simulations are generally used to answer these ratine questions: "What happens if we change our product mix?" or "How much of a specific product should a firm manufacture?", "Can we increase the level of production of one or more products?". These questions are generally asked by the marketing department in order to meet the changes in customers' demand or customers' specifications. Changing a product mix including produced and purchased components needs a great change in number of other components. After using MRP simulations, the production department will have the information to determine the things that should, be done quickly without having a loss in production efficiency. Data base preparation is very important to establish an MRP II system. The first job to do in this matter is to establish a common data base which is consisting of work, manufacturing or production, marketing, engineering, and finance data. First of all, part descriptions, bills of materials and operation plans should be formed seriously, otherwise required result may not be obtained. IX An MRP system will have a main data base that will serve to different departments of the company. Thus, this data base should always consist the right and updated data. For this;. A data should be entered into the computer on its own place, department,. For the real time follow up of material flows, bar code application should be settled,.. There shouldn't be data and process repeats at the computer, so the connection between MRP II and the other systems at the computer should be clear,. Adaptation between data at the computer and physical data should be obtained by periodic controls. An MRP II application is not a narrow-scope computer application. On the contrary, it is a management system change of the company in order to increase rapidly the effect of management. For a high success, MRP modules should be connected to Distribution Resource Planning - DRP, Computer Aided Design - CAD, Computer Aided Engineering - CAE, Computer Aided Manufacturing - CAM and Shop Floor Control. A formal system should have been established in the company since MRP II forms a new way of intelligence and comprehension. Formal system is a system in which the responsibilities are defined and where both the lowest level and the. highest level employees interact according to a plan and have a team spirit. An MRP system recommends when, how many and which main products should be produced, by the help of the main production schedules. With the information taken from the product tree, it examines the product structures, so it determines the components and the amount of these components which are necessary for a main product. It compares this information with inventory situation, also by using production achievement duration, specifies the time that these components will be ordered. This application reduces the compulsory of stocking since it certifies the production or achievement of each product or its components just before the time they are required. As reported in several publications, after the application of the MRP system, the firms had some advantages like lower inventory level, lower cost of inventory recording, shorter production achievement times, on time delivery to customer, and better delivery performance. But in spite of these utilities, MRP system has some deficiencies, for example it doesn't examine the capacity of the factory while giving the orders for material requirement, job and purchasing. An MRP II system is easy to use for the operators, it is logic, simple and transparent. By this way, different departments have the. opportunity to know each other closer than before. And of course that means to be realistic in determining, explaining and solving problems. Researches made on the companies which use different MRP II softwares has showed that these companies have reached below mentioned results in two years: 0% - 25% increase on market share 2% - 1 0% decrease on buying costs 5% - 15% increase work efficiency 200% - 300% increase on inventory flow rate Some profits of MRP II application are as follows: Fast and right decisions Finance planning and better cash flow Efficiency increase on work and source using Morale increase Lower inventory levels XI . Personnel and customer satisfaction. Better coordination and communication. Data accuracy. Decrease on manufacturing costs. Efficiency increase on the whole company Above all, before making the decision to buy an MRP II software, it is very important to determine whether the company needs it or not. Even the company is in need of this system, purchase priority should be given to another requirement which is more important for the company at that moment. Decision to buy an MRP II software may be the right decision, but if the software selection is wrong, i.e. not feasible and not suitable for the company, again the company will face with some problems When a company decide to buy an MRP-II software, there is really a lot of work to do. There are around 130 different MRP II softwares in the world and almost 20 of them in our country today. The prices vary from $15,000 to $ 1.000.000. Details in functions in these softwares cause this price differences, but of course, the total effect of these detailed functions makes the system more efficient. en_US
dc.description.degree Yüksek Lisans tr_TR
dc.description.degree M.Sc. en_US
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/11527/17306
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dc.publisher Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü tr_TR
dc.publisher Institute of Science and Technology en_US
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dc.subject Üretim kaynak planlaması tr_TR
dc.subject Manufacturing resource planning en_US
dc.title Üretim Kaynakları Planlaması (mrp) tr_TR
dc.title.alternative Mrp Ii (manufacturing Resources Planning) en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US
dc.type Tez tr_TR
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