A dynamical systems approach to the interplay between tobacco smokers, electronic-cigarette smokers and smoking quitters

Yıldız, Esmanur
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In this thesis, the effect of e-cigarettes on smoking cessation is studied using the tools of dynamical systems theory. The purpose here is to examine this efficacy by representing and analysing a non-linear ODE system modelling potential smokers, tobacco smokers, e-cigarette smokers and quitters. Fundamental theories required for the interpretation of the behaviour of dynamical systems are given and some epidemiological models are analyzed. The natural behaviour of some linear physical systems is quite predictable. Contrary to that, many natural phenomena are unpredictable. So, we employ non-linear systems which are more complex and are not exactly suitable for the solution to the problem at hand as opposed to linear systems. Non-linear systems are ubiquitous throughout the natural world. As presented in this work, biological systems can be represented by non-linear systems. For instance, several disease models are generally investigated by using non-linear mathematical models. From a wider perspective, mathematical modelling is significant in describing the smoking cessation models. These models have been examined using ODE systems in view of the fact that we can analyse the spread and control of smoking with these systems. It is well known that smoking is a common social phenomenon in today's world. Since smoking is an addiction, some individuals see the use of electronic cigarette as a way of quitting tobacco smoking. We also know that the prevalence of smoking extremely affects the social behaviour of people in a population.
Thesis (M.Sc.) -- İstanbul Technical University, Institute of Science and Technology, 2020
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mathematics, matematik