International Textile and Fashion Congress, ITFC 2023 : proceeding book

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We have organized international & national congresses and R&D days for our community through-out 40 years in irregular sequences up-to-now, neverthless hereafter, our purpose is to commence a new bi-annual international textile congress series at ITU starting from year 2023 for our distinguished community in view of the fact that year 2023 is an extremely significant year for us: 250th anniversary of Istanbul Technical University, 100th anniversary of Turkish Republic and 40th anniversary of Textile Engineering Department, ITU. In the core of Istanbul, our aim is to organize a meeting point for all textile & fashion/retail researchers as well as fashion designers around the world at the Department of Textile Engineering at Gumussuyu/Beyoglu. We are expecting to strengthen connections with our colleagues, industry members and professionals from across the world, along with sharing our knowledge and experience on innovative textiles and fashion trends tackling global challenges at a new era after pandemics. Thus, we aim to mention the importance of textile in all global struggles that have affected the whole world since 2019 and to witness the latest developments in textile & fashion.
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