Introducing MEMO: Real time sound synthesis as a tool for interactive music system development

Korkmaz, Mehmet
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Social Sciences Institute
This thesis is concerned with the development and the roles of my interactive music system MEMO that was developed in Max software. Using the sound synthesis methods that I replicated in a novel and a customized way, such as live sampling, granular synthesis, time stretching, and embodying a statistical algorithm called game of life, MEMO is a system for real-time sonic deviation, which is responsive to the perform-er's output and it is able to engage in a dialogue with the performer or can be used solely as an instrument as well. In this thesis, with a practice-based research approach undertaken, I have reflected my own process of programming and explained the internal dynamics of MEMO by indicating the patching process in Max software and refer-ring to the theories of interactive music systems as well as sound synthesis methods. This thesis has three main research concerns: - Determination of MEMO's stance in the current literature of interactive music sys-tems and defining the relationships with the selected novel music systems. - The implementation of real-time sound synthesis methods as a model for interactive music systems, - Developing scenarios to control the system with fluency, - Development of a novel improvisation system and offer a self-reflective approach for designing interactive music systems. Throughout the course of this thesis, the background that led to this research, my aims as a performer and developer, the key theories of interactivity as well as the degrees that interactivity can occur, the evolution and a brief history of the sound synthesis methods that I have used in my system, my main methodological approach, the aesthetic need that this system addresses, the roles of MEMO and the technical process of developing MEMO are discussed in detail. Also, this thesis will conclude with a discussion about the future directions that MEMO can embody.
Thesis (M.A.) -- İstanbul Technical University, Institute of Social Sciences, 2020
Tez (Yüksek Lisans) -- İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi, Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü, 2020
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Doğaçlama, Improvisation, Etkileşimli müzik, Interactive music, MEMO, MEMO, Müzik enstrümanları dijital