Investigation of fabrication optimization and physical and mechanical properties of metallic syntactic foams manufactured by cold chamber die casting

Bolat, Çağın
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In recent years, metallic foams (MFs) have become considerably attractive for their unique features such as low density, high porosity, perfect energy absorption ability, good ductility, damping isolation, and sound isolation. From automotive and aviation to aerospace and defense, many different sectors can be thought of as target applications areas if the great potential of these advanced engineering materials is taken into the account. Considering the increasing competitiveness and worries on the environment, MFs can be perfect alternative materials for future projects. Metal matrix syntactic foams (MMSFs) are a subgroup of the closed-cell MFs. Also, they can be interpreted as particle reinforced composites since MMSFs compose of two main phases: a metallic matrix and cellular/porous/hollow ceramic reinforcement particles. Owing to their synergetic properties that reflect both MFs and particle reinforced composites, MMSFs have begun to replace standard foams and composites in real applications. The most important property of MMSFs is to provide high strength and energy absorption capability with little weight increment. This thesis is divided into six different sections and it is edited by obeying the process flow sequence. Initially, a detailed literature survey and technical background for the research thesis will be shared in the first chapter. The second, third, and fourth chapters are a copy of published articles. All experimental details and findings will also be given in these chapters. The fifth chapter is another section that reflects additional findings apart from the published papers. In the last section, all results and findings will be collected and shared in the light of experimental results and probable future works. In the second chapter, casting optimization studies were carried out by using three different expanded glass sizes.
Thesis (Ph.D.) -- Istanbul Technical University, Graduate School, 2022
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Aluminum alloys, Alüminyum alaşımları, Pressure die casting method, Basınçlı döküm yöntemi, Metallic foam, Metalik köpük