Design and validation of an autonomous park systemconcept based on customer clinic

Öksüz, Onur
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Institute of Science and Technology
Fast growing technology contributes to enrich every branch of industry as well as the automotive industry. The developments through the last decade in automotive industry are remarkable and majority of these automotive innovations featured electronics and software especially at electrification and driver assistance technologies. This leads to equip the vehicles with more electronics systems and convenience features day by day. The latest features are usually offered at first in the higher vehicle segments, and hence large user groups do not experience them. It does not take long until those features can be found in lower segments. This can be observed for automated parking assistance systems and driver assistance features, which are getting close to the autonomous driving. The new automated parking assistance systems are making life easier for drivers to park in tight spots by pressing a button. The driver assistance features are capable of autonomizing the drives up to a certain level without the constant supervision of the driver. By merging the trends in these two feature domains, a new parking assistance feature called Home Area Parking (HAP) is aimed to be designed and validated in this thesis. Firstly, active and passive park aid systems are investigated. Secondly, the autonomous vehicle definition and levels are examined. After that, the concept details defined and storyboard is created for the feature and for the main use cases. The details of each use case are defined in the sub-sections of the storyboard. In order to validate the designed feature, a customer clinic is organized. Preparation and execution steps are explained. The outcome of the clinic is summarized and the results are analyzed. Accordingly, boundary diagram is updated based on the analysis of the results. Finally, conclusions of this study is outlined and recommendations for further improvement are laid out in the last section.
Thesis (M.Sc.) -- İstanbul Technical University, Institute of Science and Technology, 2018
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automotive industry, otomobil endüstrisi, autonomous park, otonom park