Investigation Of Ductility Of Pva Fiber Reinforced Beams

Tayşi, Nildem
Abdoalhadi, Ahmid A.
Arnao't, Farid H.
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Theoretical and Applied Mechanical Turkish National Committee, İTÜ
The current work aims to investigate the behaviour of PVA fibre reinforced beams under four-point flexural test in which the judgment is based on the peak load resistance and the ductility. To achieve this aim, four beams, which are reinforced with PVA fibres and conventional reinforcement bars are tested. Three fibre percentages (0.5, 1.0, and 1.5 %) are used, the behaviour of these beams are compared with the control beam of plain concrete. The results showed that the inclusion of 0.5 % of fibre increases the compressive strength by 48 %, the first cracking load by 104 %, and the ultimate strength by 10 %. And also, the inclusion of 1.5 % of PVA increases the beam ductility factor by 63 %. Moreover, the mentioned improvements are also affects the load initiate the first crack and crack depth of the compression zone, where the load resistance of the compression zone is increased by 8 % for that beam with 1.5 % of PVA compared to the beam of plain concrete.
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fiber, Reinforced beams