The value of small live music venues in the music ecosystem: The situation in Istanbul, Turkey

Atay, Ceyda
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The COVID-19 process, which has deeply affected the live music industry worldwide, was notable because the inequalities and problems in the live music industry became more evident. The most affected by the restrictions during this process was the communities (musicians, audience, operators, and personnel) of small live music venues. This study considers the live music industry as an ecosystem, and in recognising that small live music venues, due to their their vulnerability, and their value, are a vital tool for sustainable development within the industry. This research aims to find out how the values (cultural/ social and economic) are co-created in small live music venues and what factors impact this process in Turkey. Therefore, it was necessary to determine what these places mean for their communities and identify their problems. To achieve this objective, written interviews consisting of open-ended questions were conducted and supported by in-depth interviews, and field observations. The sample of this research mainly consists of the Istanbul alternative music scene, but the views of people with very different backgrounds were also evaluated. The qualitative data obtained from the interviews are reported by using the methodology of applied thematic analysis. According to the categorized reasons for the preference for small live music venues, the music and feeling like "home" are the most significant factors in these places. The results show that the atmosphere and the interaction are essential for the experience of live music. In the categories of the problems related to Turkey's live music industry, injustice is the most complained situation which is followed by economic and administrative problems. It is understood that life in small live music venues, and musicians are underestimated by the decision makers in Turkey. The findings of this research will help cultural entrepreneurs develop strategies to evaluate small live music venues and provide an outlook for what kind of policy should be followed so that these venues can generate more value. This research is also expected to guide future studies in various fields on live music venues and the live music industry in Turkey.
Thesis (M.Sc.) -- İstanbul Technical University, Graduate School, 2022
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live music, canlı müzik, music industry, müzik endüstrisi, urban space, kentsel mekan, added value, artı değer