İthal otomobillerin satış sonrası hizmetleri servis / organizasyon ve işleyiş

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dc.description Tez (Yüksek Lisans) -- İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi, Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü, 1995 tr_TR
dc.description.abstract Temel kuruluş amacı ilgili işletmenin satış bölümünü destekleyerek daha fazla otomobil satılmasına yardımcı olmak olan servis ile günümüzde çoğu otomobil satışı üzerine olan işletmeler piyasada varlıklarını sürdürebilmektedirler. Günümüzde tüketici bilincinin giderek artmakta ve müşterilerinin bakım ve onarım ihtiyacını karşılayabilmek ve verilen hizmet ile müşterilerini memnun edebilmek gittikçe güçleşmektedir. Servisin, müşterileri ihtiyaçlarına gerektiği gibi cevap verebilmesi halinde satış bölümleri müşterilere yeni otomobiller satabilmektedir. Servisler, araç parkına bağlı olarak planlanmalı ve kurulmalıdır. Kuruluşta yeterli ekipman ve donanımın yanında konusunu bilen yetiştirilmiş elemanların serviste çalıştırılmasına önem verilmelidir. Servisin müşteri memnuniyetini sağlayacak ve kazanç getirecek şekilde işletilebilmesi için organizasyonuna ve iş akışına dikkat edilmelidir. Bir servisin oluşumunu sağlayan iki temel yapı vardır a. Teknik yapı i. Donanım, ekipman, teçhizat ve el aletleri. Yetişmiş elemanlar b. Organizasyon ve iş akışı Bu ödev dahilinde ise herkesin büyük önem verdiği teknik temel yapının yeterliliğinden ziyade bu yeterliliğin verimli bir şekilde kullanılabilmesi için gerekli olan organizasyon ve iş akışı konularına değinilmiştir. tr_TR
dc.description.abstract The service operation keeps many dealers in business. If service department takes good care of ite customers, sales department will sell new cars to these customers whwn they trade. On the other hand, if service department does only enough to get by, customers may not come back. Listed several items indicating why customers do not come back to certain dealerships. List below should be checked by each dealer to see if any of these areas apply to their dealerships. If any does, it should be addressed carefully by dealer not to lose customers. Lack of courtesy Sarcasm Hostile looks Ignoring customers Telephone interruptions Employee interruptions Poor housekeeping Litter and trash lying around Lawns and shrubs needing care Signs requiring repairs Dirty windows Junky looking trade-ins parked in conspicuouus location Outdated signs and posters Dirty shelves, displays and merchandise Poor and outdated displays Merchandise frequently put of stock Insufficient lighting or bulbs requiring replacement If service is properly staffed with trained service technicians who understand how to troubleshoot engines and not just replace parts, service department can earn a lot for dealership. It takes good planning and coordination to make a service department operate smoothly and efficiently. This starts with the proper scheduling of service work for the upcoming week. Too many dealerships lose valuable time due to improper work schedules. This lost time is lost money to dealership. VI The courtesy service department extends to all of its customers plays a big role in repeated and continued service to returning customers. If a customer has been inconvinced at dealership, he will not return in future. If service technicians understand and are courteous to your customer" s needs, service department will see returning customers for other service needs. A dealership that employs trained service personnel, who makes use of proper troubleshooting procedures and the use of proper tools, will benefit from the service profits produced. From customer* s point of view, this is the most important service-having his car ready to go. It should be remembered that the customer will make plans based on given promises to him. The main point is very simple- promises should be kept. If service department gives delivery back at 5:00 P.M. on a Friday, have it ready to go at 4:30 P.M. on that Friday. Customer could arrive early! It should be remembered, best mechanical job in the world can leave a sour taste if the car is not ready to go when the customer arrives. An early arriving service customer should be directed to the showroom. Many additional sales can be made as a result of the customer browsing through the showroom. It should be remembered that the customer has made those driving plans around the service department' s promises. He expects the car to be ready to go when he arrives at dealership. If some reason it is not possible to keep the promise, customer should be called in advance. What is a customer? A customer is the reason for the business existance. A customer is the purpose of the work. He is not an interruption. A customer is the most important part of the business. He is not an outsider. A customer is not dependent on us. Dealership is dependent on him. VII A customer is a flesh-and-blood human being with feelings and desires and prejudices like everybody. He is not a cold statistic. A customer is not someone to argue with. Nobody ever won an argument with a customer. Customer relations? Many customers have been "turned off toward their selling dealer when they returned for service on their new product It seems, according to the customer that dealer or dealer* s employees just did not seem interested in his problem. The customer stated, "The dealer seemed to lose interest in me after the sale was completed." This is a classic example of how some deales actually turn their customers away. What a shame! A new car owner who, in most cases, will be in the market for the "After Market" car products he may need to put his craft into vehicle shape. Dealer should remember, this customer is going to buy his accessories somewhere, and if dealer just turned himm off, accessory sales will decrease. It should be remembered, some customer1 s problems may seem minor in nature to service department but to customer, it is a serious matter! Service department as professional in the vehicle field must show concern to all its customer' s needs. It is not necessary to minimize or "talk down" the customer" s problem. What customer is trying to say, should be listened. It should be remembered that service department employees are the people the customer will seak when he needs help. He may be excited, depressed or quite upset, but he still needs the service department' s helps. So, his needs should be listened, concern should be shown, problem should be corrected whatever it may be and customer should be got back to his his way. The end results will be a satisfied customer and profits for the retail establishments. Handling irate customers: Every now and then service department will encounter an irate customer for one reason or another. Listed below are several suggestions on handling irate customers. All the facts should be obtained. The customer1 s viewpoints. The repair order for the work involved should be reviewed. It should be assured the work in question is performed. It should be consulted with employees VIII Employees' viewpoint should be obtained. Make a decision promptly. Postponement will make the customer think service department is looking for a way out. A fair decision should be reached. It should be fair to the customer and the dealership. Cost factor should be weighed against future service and sales from this customer. It should be repaired immediately. The job should be given top priority. The unit should be tested to be sure a second complaint will not occur. Reasons for loosing customers? The following information was obtained by a leading car magazine from a customer survey: Biggest weakness of dealers: Poor service Slow service Lack of product knowledge Late delivery Lack of available literature Factors determining final buying decision Dealer reliabity Dealer service Price Facilities Informed salesmen Service is customer1 s main concern. It should be always remembered that _ lost service customers are lost future sales. _ no need to argue; the argument can be won, but customer can be lost at the same time. IX _ wrong should be declared; it should not be stated to customer that he is wrong. It closes the customer' s mind. _ blame should not be placed on the factory, product, dealership or others. Dealers are able survive in the market by having services which have basic scope in establishment to support sales departments. As the customer understanding is improving and approval is getting pungent to provide the necessary repair and maintenance service and to satisfy customers getting harder nowadays. In case the services provide sufficient repair and maintanence to the customer needs, it is possible for sales departments to sell new cars afterwards. Services should be planned and established according to vehicle park of related region. In order to run a service to provide customer satisfaction and profit, it is necessary to pay necessary attention on organization and work flow through service. In service, there are two fundamental structures: a. Technical structure i. Equipment, apparatus and tools ii. Quilified personnel b. Organization and work flow In this study; in opposition to ones who give big importance to technical structure, the structure on organization and work flow to run this technical structure efficiently is explained. en_US Yüksek Lisans tr_TR
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