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Title: Tonmaister Ve Tonmaisterlik
Authors: Deran, Erol
Dicle, Bora
Keywords: Müzik
Issue Date: 1997
Publisher: Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü
Institute of Social Sciences
Abstract: Bu tez çalışması tonmaisterlik eğitiminin akademik bir eğitime ihtiyacı olduğu, Türkiye'deki tonmaisterlerin eksiklikleri saptanarak hazırlanılmıştır. Bu düşünceden hareket ederek Bölüm (l)'de; çalışmanın amacı, önemi, sınırlılıkları ve kullanılan yöntemler üzerinde durulmuştur. Bölüm (2)' de; tonmaister, tonmaister'lik ve stüdyo birimlerinin tanımlanması yapılmış ve anlatılmıştır. Bölüm (3)'de; Türkiye'de tonmaister'lik eğitimi veren kurum ve kuruluşlar anlatılmıştır. Stüdyolarda görev yapan tonmaisterlerin eğitim durumu ve akademik tonmaisterlik eğitimine bakış açılan görüşme metoduyla saptanmıştır. Bölüm (4)'de dünyada tonmaisterlik eğitimine değinilmiştir, örneklem olarak Amerika Birleşik Devletleri'ndeki New York Üniversite'si ve Oberlin Konservatuarı müzik teknolojisi bölümlerinin müfredat programlan incelenmiştir. Bölüm (5)'de akademik tonmaisterlik eğitiminden geçen tonmaisterlerin alması ve kesinlikle bilmesi gereken dersler neden ve sonuçlarıyla ifade edilmiştir. Bu sonuca göre Tonmaisterlik mesleğinin akademik bir eğitim sürecine ihtiyacı olduğu saptanmıştır.
The job of tonmaister is not a professional branch that corning to mind during the childhood. And moreover; due to that there are no some well known wide training institutions in this field, it will be more exact to name this as a professional branch to be recognized by the time, to be undertaken by curiosity and enthusiasm. Till only yesterday it was thought by the parents that our musicians as dealing who a profession, but as they have preferred music as a hobby. It is recently accepted that the music is a job to become not hungry. With the aliveness of the current music sector. Therefore increase on the applications to our conservation and in connection with this subsidiary sectors have enjoyed this interest also. During conservation which a tonmaister friend have described to be a tonmaister as follow. While you are walking in Beyoğlu when all sounds come to your ear separately when you hear the sounds not as a noise but as sounds of such as simit seller, tracer, horn and act.; then you can be a tonmaister. The ears of tonmaister gain importance in this manner. To be a tonmaister is important as well it is difficult. vi It is necessary for a person who chooses this profession that to be folly educated in any subject, by this education, electronically, computers, musical sound and all other knowledges are meant. Except all of these; it is necessary to have a regular life style, disciplined working tempo a peaceful atmosphere and most important, a soul. Because a tonmaister is like a cooker. Labours of everybody is limited to his/her capability and skill. An emotional instrumental job of a flute-player or from the beginning to the end of the work. Art of the musician who is playing violin is deliver to the hands of the tonmaister. With the same way the soul that the soloist is adding. The capability or a mistake is up to the tonmaisters' proficiency when all this responsibility of the labour is tied to one person, this person must always work for perfection, must renew himself, catch the time even pass the time and make novelty. From clothing to the place he lives, he must take career to eveiything, should be a radical person. For, education educates a person till one place. A work is appeared by the mix of the capability of the person vu and his soul at pratic. And the duty, from the formation of music to its reach to the listener will be performed successfully. There is benefit to state in the end of all of these that a tonmaister who is in love with music will be much more successful. Besides loving his/her profession being in love with music will make a tonmaister successful. Against educational richness in the foreign countries, education in this subject in our country is given completely by the relationship between master and apprentice and by endeavors of our trainers at the various universities as courses or additional lessons. In the result of some research that we executed it is seen that an education was given as lessons in this field under the structure of Bosphorus University between the years of 1988 and 1993 and later this division could not be continued due to financial impossibilities. It is understood at the conversation made with Mr. Mehmet Küçükönder, one of the lectures of the Bosphorus University that these lessons were given in the 2nd class of the electronically division of the framing College and initial graduates were given in this field. vui Training was earned on at the studio established with the purpose of gaining practice beside the theoretical knowledge's by using limited instruments and with the instruments produced by the labours of the student of electronically division who were making use of these lessons at the same time, and it carried on until 1993. While some of the students graduate from there were making musical works in the amateur manner by making on of the rooms at their homes a studio. Some of the others went the the foreign countries and continued their education's. It is among the information that we have obtained in the result of the conversations made and that some studies will be started again at he Bosphorus University in the 2nd semester during the educational year of 1997 in this field, but this time lessons will be conducted as being not voluntary but compulsory and it is intended to return to the past in the system without credit with entire the purpose of giving knowledge, training the persons who are interested in this field. And furthermore, some lessons are given in the field of sound technique the cinema-TV division of the Marmara University, especially at the TV, division. In spite all of these, it is required in our country that to give start some bigger projects in this field to IX make some additional studies to make the use of the developing technology more perfect with the qualified members to be trained for the music, for our rich culture.
Description: Tez (Yüksek Lisans) -- İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi, Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü, 1997
Thesis (M.A.) -- İstanbul Technical University, Institute of Social Sciences, 1997
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