Forced Vibration Of The Hydro-viscoelastic (hydro-elastıc) Systems Consisting Of The Viscoelastic (elastic) Plate, Compressible Viscous Fluid And Rigid Wall (review)

Akbarov, Surkay D.
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Teorik ve Uygulamalı Mekanik Türk Milli Komitesi
Theoretical and Applied Mechanical Turkish National Committee
This paper gives review of the investigations related to the forced vibration of the hydro-viscoelastic as well as of the hydro-elastic systems consisting of elastic or viscoelastic plate, compressible viscous fluid and rigid wall. The sketch of this system in some particular case is given in Fig. 1. The investigations carried out for the fluid loading cases are also reviewed and under this review the main attention is focused on the studies made by authors. Note that in these investigations the motion of the plate is written by employing three-dimensional linearized equations of wave propagation in elastic and viscoelastic bodies with initial stresses, however the equations of flow of the compressible viscous fluid is described by employing the linearized Navier-Stokes equations. It is assumed that the plane strain state in the plane occurs in the plate and the fluid flow is plane-parallel one and suppose that the plate occupies the region Within these assumptions we write the field equations for the constituents of the system in the case where the plate material is purely elastic.
Konferans Bildirisi-- İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi, Teorik ve Uygulamalı Mekanik Türk Milli Komitesi, 2017
Conference Paper -- İstanbul Technical University, Theoretical and Applied Mechanical Turkish National Committee, 2017
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