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Title: Günümüz Antalya Yöresine Ait Ezgilerin İncelenmesi
Other Titles: A Survey On The Folk Songs Of Antalya Distric
Authors: Tarlabaşı, Burhan
Önal, Soydan
Türk Müziği
Turkish Music
Keywords: Halk Bilimi (Folklor)
Issue Date: 1994
Publisher: Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü
Institute of Social Sciences
Abstract: Bu çalışmamızın 2. bölümünde, zengin bir kültür yapısına sahip bulunan Antalya'nın genelde tarihi ve coğrafi durumu hakkında bilgiler verilmiş bulunmaktadır. Yöresel bir bütünlük içinde ele alınan Antalya Yöresi Ezgilerinin seyir, usül, kullanılan diziler, nazım şekilleri 3. bölümde yer almış bulunmaktadır. Yöreye ilişkin ezgilerin söz, ritmik ve melodik yapı acısından bilimsel incelenmesi hususu 4. bölümde anlatılmış ve birer örnek ile belirlenmiştir. 5. bölümde yöreye ilişkin ezgilerde kullanılan ve özel niteliği bulunan motifler tablolar halinde gösterilmiş, ayrıca TRT repertuarında bulunan diğer ezgilerde usullerine göre sınıflandırılmış bulunmaktadır. 6. bölümde, çalışmamıza kaynak oluşturan, günümüzde yasayan kişilerin konuya ilişkin görüş ve düşünceleri yer almış bulunmaktadır.
A survey on the folk songs of Antalya District" In our work bearing above title, the folk songs of Antalya and local which has a rich cultural structure, are taken into the consideration. The songs belong to Antalya District are researched and investigated in a local wholeness. The purpose of the research and investigation in a local wholeness, even a little bit help that district to break out its bark and to wide spread. In addition, to realise a service in the name of Turkish music within the limit of a thesis. The research and investigation phases of the folk songs of Antalya District have been in a different manner realised. At first the written and alive sources have been used. And areal distribution of the songs is determined. In the same time, attempted to find out examplars more than one from each of the areal centres, as to the possibilities. The collection of the said songs is realised either directly by me, or received from the ready collections. Beside of these works, the other folkloric formations of this district is considered and thought to have information. The phrase of "The universal could be reached through local culture." is taken as start point and basis. One could express himself to the others only after he knows himself in best manner. IV Antalya and its environment where I have born, grown and my childhood is passed have very rich culturalal sources. Thus, the cultural richness could be seen in the different living manner of people. Thousands of the foreign tourists are the evidence of the said cultural richness. In my childhood and younghood I had always been anxious abaut cultural structure and formation of Antalya and its environment. The examplars which we met in our daily living were enough to have an opinion on that. Following I have on opinion on the environment, I have seen a reality. Despite of it has a very dynamic and rich structure, the formations in this district are not recognised. I mean any investigation has been carried out. Therefore, any chance arose in big sizes is arose to present local folkloric songs, plays and traditions to the other people. At the present the cultural formations are being continued in local wholeness. They could be seen in various forms. Our working manner and the methods used in our work are as follow: At first, the persons who could give informations on the environment are determined. Their having knowledge on our subject was important. In total 11 songs collected v and written in notes. And duly investigations from the technical point conducted on these notes. With the persons who have knowlegde various conversations held on various places and dates. And these conversations are recorded. Previously recorded songs' s tapes are obtained from the concerned persons. Beside of it, various knowledges concerned with the environment are obtained from the written sources. These materials have taken place in our thesis work following their collection in an predetermined order. Another factor in formation of this work, is being not carried out a similar work previously. After considering the above said reason, I have believed that, it was necessary to carry out an investigation and work in the environment, and decided to make it. However, this was the first work on this matter therefore I tried to conduct the work very carefully, All of the works to be done in the name of art must be carried out with the scientific methods. Because art requires science. All of the researchses and works to be done in the name of Turkish Music reach to their aims. Universal seizure gaining of our music is only possible through its continuous renewal ing and keeping alive. There VI is any music which does not adept developments and stay in its borders. However, the wideseparation and developments could only be done through humankind. The said humankind ought to know the traditions, the songs seng the music played etc. in the district where he lived. So the humankind could have any difficulty in expressing himself. And plays a more active role in his relations to be established. There should be any trouble in letting himself to be known. From this point of view, I aimed, either to let be known my own district, Antalya and its environment or to maintain an addition to our music within my limited possibilities. However, it should not be forgotten that, it was my first work, and there are other similar subjects to be investigated and researched which I consider they are useful. In the parts taken place in our work, are explained in the following paragraphs: The methods applied in this work are applied in various forms and phases. The Part 2. of our thesis work, the written sources are used in letting be known of our district. The informations are given either on its history or geography. Explanatory nd determinator information on the people living VII on this area are given in the direction of the informations given by the people living there. Under Section 4. of the same part, the songs of Antalya District considered under various titles in general. Under those titles, the songs are explained as to their rhthm structures, kinds and subjects. In addition, the methods are also considered. At the end of this section distribution of the songs are shown on a map. In the Part 3. of our thesis work weight axis concentrated on the newly collected songs. At the beginning of this part, songs are shown schematically, title nr., name, district, received from whom, who collected, who has written in notes, method and type, foot serie, flood and determinator voice. Distribution of the songs as to the district centers (counties), either the songs in T.R.T. repertory or the songs in our investigations considered in this part. The flood characteristics, method characteristics, used series and poem forms are surveyed. Poem forms of the songs are schematically shown. At the end of this part, informations on method of analysis of the song form are given. In the part 4. of our thesis work, explanatory informations on the investigation of the songs take place. In addition the information on the method is given, Later on, to all of the songs in our investigation, each part title number is given. Each of the songs is investigated in the emphasized VIII manner. Note of each song took place as to the form analysis at its own part. In the Part 6. of our thesis work, biographies of the persons with whom I have taiked, who lived in the Antalya District who helped me with the information and with their sight of views. Thus, additions of them also valued. In the second half of this the tape records of the conversations done with those persons are disclosed also. In the Part 7, the last part, the autcomings took place. The folkloric outcomes, obtained at the end of our investigations carried out either from the point of view of the technical characteristics of the songs or in general, are emphasized in the articles. The names of the persons, of the books and leaflets etc. are indicated in the alphabetic order under the title of "Sources" Latest, in the part of curriculum my autobiography of me takes place as an information. Previously a similar investigation or work is not carried out. I belive, there should be some lacks, therefor, I would appreciate their tolerance who is interest with this subject
Description: Tez (Yüksek Lisans) -- İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi, Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü, 1994
Thesis (M.A.) -- İstanbul Technical University, Institute of Social Sciences, 1994
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