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Title: Çevre Düzenlemede Kentsel Mekan Ve Sanat Olgusu
Authors: Aydınlı, Semra
Haseş, Fügen Engin
Sanat Tarihi
Art History
Keywords: Güzel Sanatla
İç Mimari ve Dekorasyon
Görsel imge
Kentsel mekan
Peyzaj tasarımı
Fine Arts
Interior Design and Decoration
Visual image
Urban space
Landscape design
Issue Date: 1994
Publisher: Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü
Institute of Social Sciences
Abstract: Çevrenin insan psikolojisi üzerinde ne denli etkili olduğu herkesçe bilinmektedir. Kentsel mekan oluşumlarının yaratılması, görsel etkinliği olan, bellekte yer eden sosyal mekanların oluşumuna bağlıdır. Sosyal mekanların oluşumu ile kent kimliği arasında da sıkı bir bağ vardır. Kentsel mekanların tarihi sürekliliği, kimliği, kentsel bilincin oluşumuna katkısı, eğitim aracı olması bakımından oldukça önemlidir. Aynı zamanda Geştalt'çılara göre, kentsel mekanın bütünlüğü, etkinliği estetik tavır oluşturan bir faktördür. Hiçbir güzelliğin süreklililği konusunda mutlak garantisi yoktur. Mekan etkisini güçlendirici, imaj yaratan kimlik kazandıran bir tasarım olgusunun bileşenlerinin sanatla ilişkisinin saptanması ve değerlendirilmesi, Kentsel mekan ve sanat olgusunun algı problemleri ve görsel tasarım boyutları açısından değerlendirilmesi, Beyoğlu'nda bölgenin kültürel dokusunun sürekliliği bağlamında önemli bir rol oynamaktadır.
The effect of environment over the human psychology is a konwn fact. The process of creation of city places is in direct relation of social places. Creation of city places also has a strong connection to the character of the city. The effect of city places on the creation of historical knowledge makes them also important, as it is being an educational tool. As we know from the history, cities are subject to the process of establishing-demolishing-reestablishing. No beauty ever has a guaranty of existing eternally. To analize and understand the relation of integral units of creativity which must emphasize the effects of the places, creating images and gaining personality, and also, grading the city places and the artistic facts from the angles of perception problems and visual desing, plays an important role on the long term life of Beyoğlu region's cultural integrity. Taking into consideration of the "Urban Residence" by the humanistic values, is consisting of social, psychological and esthetic objects which gives us various topics for researching. The total organization of site, streets and buildings which are stating the urbanized environment, needs the help of art objects that give visual harmony in order to make a complex and create an identity for the humanistic atmosphere. As Winston Churchill claims, "We form our environment, and then it forms us" which emphesizes the major effects of environments to human psychology. Its understood from the researches that the stimulation of human to meet in social places is due to apperance of such urbanized sites, the dimention of visual effect of such places known as specific referance points which leave trace in memory of individuals, strengthened by such creatures of art objects. On the other hand, the rapid urbanization and specifications of contemporary places necessarily needed are causing loss of identification at the cities which has certain historical accumulation. Obviously, the possibilities of benefits from science and thecnology increasing and there are considerable developments in social perception with expending traditional value limits. The socialy acceptable performance to reach this dilemma by gainning contemporary vision and meantime being concervative to transfer the identity of the city to the new generation has become an important problem. On this stage, one of the researching field has been taken for the solution of identification problems with actual proposals. What is this identification promblem ? This problem is conveying us to the meaning of identification which forces to analize the facts of not-loosing the identification. There are many complicated variables for the protection of city characteristics. Although, the architecture is one of the most important element of these variations, the sensibility of human factor to the formation of city has to be discussed. By the way, the urbanized places could be considered as visual and cultural education tools for the historical perception. The sites earring any knowledge related to the past, to be accepted as a natural academy. The habitants of such places should have the utmost sense to learn and understand about the historical tissue of their land rather then pretending as visiting a museum, and they should be most carefull to avoid any harm to the characteristics. The meaning or the place of an architecture in the social life is showing the result of how its felt. This has been explained by Geshtaltens with different theories and its known as esthetic factor. Same as almost in everything,its quite frequent to find ourselves in a way quickly changing. The problem as "CHANGING" is also bringing many proction matters. As we learn from the history books, the cities are having ESTABLISHING - DEMOLISHING - REESTABLISHING. But in this while, its necessarily coming out with forcement of holding both the past and future. If we would not count the places has been fully lost and destroied through the history, there are very few cities remaining to make us live the past and present time in harmony. With dreams and greatness, and Istanbul is the major city amoung all others. Despite of being one of its own kind, it does not mean it will be existing eternally. The fist condition to keep the equal balance to decide the protection and destruction, depending on having a concrete history knowledge. The historical inheritances are continues paths of the life style and constructions of a city and those are the major sources of the culture. The practice should be taking all dimentions of a formation - including the art objects arranging the continuation of culture without loosing the cells. Even it seems like that is impossible to protect the tissue of a rapidly developing city, with sacrifices and concious formation with concrete decisions, the deformation and harm could be minimized. According to above clarifications, * Duration of HUMAN - PLACE - ART concepts has to be realized by understanding the relations effecting each and together. * In this effection periods of the concepts of HUMAN - PLACE - ART should be brought to argument as simple as possible for Beyoğlu in several cultural and social subjects. * Necessarily, the art has to be taken into consideration for every contemporary format as a bridge between past and future with the developing technology possibilities to gain a new identitiy for the environment. * Using the art professionals for giving contemporary image to the environment without allowing the technology to form the human, but by the possibilities of technology. * By ascertaining the relations of art and increasing effects of place with giving messages to provide form of an idendification. are the objects of this thesis. In line of these objects, in this study the urban and art happenning's perception problems from the angle of visual format dimentions quantified. In Beyoğlu region it has been studied for the continuation of culture tissue. Additionaly, by concentrating on pointed effection fields some proposals has been tried to develop. The basic ideas considered for the proposals has been SHAPE - PLATFORM relations-visual balance and creating effectional places for harmonizing, pointing the importance, creating images and ideas to form a new identifications for the future. Considering of these ideas, studied for how to handle and research the urban places and art happennings; besides the contemporary vision and feelings of present historic tissues and culture reflections thought, and tried to provide some clarifications to the matter. The art, from the point of view of relations between art and place is increasing the importance in visual art effection according to color of object, tissue, shape, form, platform, background, front-side relations. That is also considered as quite important to have the art object in the place-art relation to have individual characteristics and to be belong to that place. In this research, the city-site and art values has been studied in a different model of Effecting-Chritisizing by perception period angle. For environmental organizations, Urban-Places and Art matters could be studied by various city formats in different fields and those may result different as well. However, this thesis study the art objects in the city-site by psychological, social and visual dimentions; the results of the research has been made by taking the human satisfactions to front plan
Description: Tez (Yüksek Lisans) -- İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi, Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü, 1994
Thesis (M.A.) -- İstanbul Technical University, Institute of Social Sciences, 1994
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