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Title: Türk Halk Oyunlarının Sahnelenmesinde Işık-kostüm İlişkisi
Other Titles: The Light & Costume Relation in Performing Turkish Folk Dancers
Authors: Ay, Göktan
Esen, Seçkin
Geleneksel Danslar
Traditional Dances
Keywords: Müzik
Sahne ve Görüntü Sanatlar
Halk oyunları
Sahneye koyma
Türk halk oyunları
Performing and Visual Arts
Folk dances
Turkish folk dances
Issue Date: 1996
Publisher: Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü
Institute of Social Sciences
Abstract: "Türk Halk Oyunlarının Sahnelenmesinde Işık - Kostüm İlişkisi" konulu bu çalışma Î.T.Ü Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü Güzel Sanatlar Ana Sanat Dalı Türk Halk Oyunları alanında Yüksek Lisans tezi olarak hazırlanmıştır. Bu çalışmada, halk oyunlarımızın sahne sanatları içerisinde hakettiği seviyeye yükselmesi için yapılması gereken sahne çalışmalarından ışıklandırma ve bunun kostümle ilişkisi gibi teknik öğelerle ilgili olarak aydınlatıcı bilgiler verilmiştir. Oyunlar sahneye konmadan önce, teknik açılardan desteklenmeleri sahne sanatlarının en önemli özelliklerindendir. Yapılan çalışmalarda bu özelliklerin önemi vurgulanarak, teknik açıdan anlatılan genel bilgilerin pratiğe dönüştürülerek yapılacak uygulamaların en verimli şekilde nasıl olabileceğine örnekli açıklamalarla yer verilmiştir. Araştırmanın birinci bölümünde araştırma hakkında bilgi verilerek, amaç ile yöntemler ortaya konmuştur. Araştırmanın ikinci bölümünde, ışığın teknik kullanımının gerçekleştirihnesi amacıyla, sahne aydınlatmasında yararlanılacak araç ve gereçlerin tanıtılmasına yer verilmiştir. Üçüncü bölümde, projektörlerde kullanılacak renklerin seçimi ve renklerin kullanılma özellikleri ele alınmıştır. Dördüncü bölümde ise, sahnede kullanılacak kostüm ile ışıldaklardan gönderilecek renklerin ortaya çıkarılacağı durumlar incelenerek, sahne ışıklarının kostümle ilişkisi incelenmiştir.
Our thesis which is about "The Ligh & Costume Relation in Performing Turkish Folk Dancers", has been prepared as a master. Thesis in Technical University of Istanbul, Social Sciences Institute. Folk Dances which are some of the important factory of our cultere, can not be abondened and should always be kept alive without changing their essence and be carried to the coming generations for the continuity of our culture which has rich and exquisite values. We notice international culture exchange is very intensive as a result of technologic developments. İn order to inroduce our culteri to other nations, a lot of festivals have been organised in the area of folk dances, thus the richness of our culture is thied tobe presented in its best and original style. In this study, we have tried to present the recessary technical information to raise folk dances to the leveL they deserve among other demontrative arts well as their relation with enlightment and costumes. The recessary information in tried toba given about them as well. The presentation of folk dances correctly and well depends on the concept of existance of these dances on the stage on the stage actively. The presentation of Folk dances in he best way needs usage of the stage techniques perfectly well (like music, the light, costume, setting and make - up etc..) Today the studies which are techniqually dona on the performance of folk dances are not sufficient. On the other hand, folk dances are accepted only for ertertainment so these subjects have only been considered after they have been examined in a more serious level like Conservatory. One of the most important factors in stage arts is supporting them techniqually. In our thesis, we have tried to stress their importance and tried to give examples on how to put them into practice in the best productive way. This research which is written about the recessary techniques on the usage of light and costume, has been prepared with the hope to make it a source in the future and as our thesis has been the first in this field, we hope that it will be developed in the future with the help of coming generations. r We have done a research on a large scale on the usage of light and costume as the works which have been publiched on this subject are not wide enough in our county. We have interewed people who have been working professionally in different organisations or foundations in person and asked them questions to find out about their ideas on the subject We have also done translations from different books which are publibhed abroad thinking they would be useful for our research. Some of the shows which are done by using stage techniques have been filmed with a camera and through an analysis of light and costumes used during presentation, example studies have been developed. The relation between light and folk dances have been studied very closely as the subject stage - lighting is very wide. It would be justifiable not to drop out of simplicity in costume lighting in general. Just the same with other stage arts and visual arts, putting the colours into practice in harmonious and correct way, angle and brightness of the light is rather important for audience. Because good - performance of a play depends on lighting, costumes and make - up in harmonious way. In case the wrong usage of the lighting technique, it would be impossible to obtain a result satisfactorily even though you perform a good one. It is nearly impossible to say that today's folk dances are not performed according to the stage techniques. Because the lighting is used a colour harmony one affer the other. Depending on the variety of the music and the stage organization, it is doubtful whether lighting done one after will be productive. The usages of the stage arts' characteristics on folk dances doesn't mean the degeneration of our plays. Not giving any harm to the original partterns of the plays will present pleasant ones. If these activities are wanted to come true, firistly the technically- trained people should be given the necessary importance. For a successful stage, Turkish Folk Dancing, which has the various performance and figures, should be staged, by coordinating with technical experts. Instead of the one - person responsibility, trained people such as on lighting, costumes, decoration, make - up should be given responsibility. Thus, contributing the progress of the Turkish Folk Dancing will provide to reach a deserved level of the stage arts. In the first chapter of our thesis, more information has been given as well as its aim and principles. In the second chapter of our thesis, we have tried to given information on what equipment to use for stage - lighting. In the third chapter, choosing colours and their usage privacies on projectors have been examined. In the fourth chapter, different colour compositions which appear as a result of different lights sent from projectors and the costumes which have been used on the stage as well as their relations with each other have been studied.
Description: Tez (Yüksek Lisans) -- İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi, Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü, 1996
Thesis (M.A.) -- İstanbul Technical University, Institute of Social Sciences, 1996
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