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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Analysing The Effect Of Coalition On Cost Structure For Turkish Liberal Electricity Market And Allocation Of Profit Surplus With Cooperative Game TheoryErtemel, Sinan; Karaca, Nurtaç; 565864; Economics; Ekonomi
2017Analysis Of Volatility Transmission Mechanism Across Equity MarketsGüloğlu, Bülent; Kaya, Pınar; 479284; Economics; Ekonomi
2019Coalitional Deviation Proof Equilibrium In Nonatomic GamesErtemel, Sinan; Ahmadov, Kamil; 601970; Economics; Ekonomi
2019Does A Positive Relationship Between Renewable Energy Investment And Real Gdp Of Countries Really Exist?Chakravorthy, Shourjo; Zeren, Ahmet Baran; 569165; Economics; Ekonomi
2019The Effect Of Framing On Support For Renewable Energy In TurkeyHannum, Christopher Michael; Akgün, Elif; 569614; Economics; Ekonomi
2019The Effects Of The Exchange Rate Volatility On Turkish Exports:a Panel Data AnalysisGüloğlu, Bülent; Akıl, Halil İbrahim; 568995; Economics; Ekonomi
2016Essays In Monetary Policy And BankingAydemir, Resul; Övenç, Gökhan; 464957; Economics; Ekonomi
2019The Impact Of Unconditional Cash Transfer Programs On Children: An Example Of Pilot Social Safety Nets In CameroonStoeffler, Qentin Xavier Marin; Yavuz, Mehmet; 569589; Economics; Ekonomi
2018The Impacts Of Transportation Investment On Turkish Economy At Micro, Macro And Regional Level: In A Spatial Computable General Equilibrium Model FrameworkHannum, Christopher Michael; Pişkin, Metin; 530879; Economics; Ekonomi
2018Regional Consumption And Income Dynamics In Turkey: A Panel Data AnalysisGüloğlu, Bülent; Güven, Murat; 534786; Economics; Ekonomi
2019Targeting The Poor: Health Card Distribution In Burkina FasoStoeffler, Quentin; Çubukcu, Betül; 569602; Economics; Ekonomi
2019Understanding Female Labor Force Participation In TurkeyStoeffler, Qentin Xavier Marin; Benotsmane, Rofaida; 569361; Economics; Ekonomi
2019Volatility Spillovers And Dynamic Hedgings: Evidence From Selected Stock Markets, Precious Metalsand Oil FuturesGüloğlu, Bülent; Yılmaz, Tunahan; 572571; Economics; Ekonomi